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RTM:IT, based in Fürth, Germany, is an owner-managed company with 13 highly qualified employees. We specialize in the development of tailor-made products and solutions for professional radio technology.

At RTM:IT, our goal is to make radio operation as easy as possible for public authorities and industrial companies. We rely on sophisticated, yet easy to use solutions, that set us apart from the competition. Our wide distribution throughout Germany enables us to work closely with various BOS organizations. This market position allows us to gain deep insight into the processes and needs of different blue light organizations. Via open interfaces, we work with almost all providers of command and control systems that use our LARDIS platform as their interface to the radio world.

As an established company, we strive to put innovation into practice and to play an active role in shaping the future of professional communication. We combine all current types of communication, from analog and digital radio with various reporting systems to GSM and SIP telephony in one seamless solution. LARDIS offers optimally integrated hardware and software from a single source with a wide range of products - from radio control consoles to universal communication centers.

We combine touch PC workstations with hardware components that are specifically tailored for this field of operation, including intercom stations, desk stations, handsets, headsets and foot switches. Besides radio communication, LARDIS offers many additional functions. Our logging component records every detail that is spoken or digitally transmitted, to reconstruct the whole operation.

With LARDIS:LIVE you can visualize status information and map location of all units equipped with digital radio, for the operator or on a big screen.

With LARDIS:ONE, we bring convenient radio communication and automatic navigation directly to the driver seat - so you can quickly get to where you are urgently needed. LARDIS:ONE is characterized above all by its wide range of functions and can be adapted to your circumstances. It is tailor-made for the requirements of modern rescue forces. Thus, you benefit from the useful functions, whether you are in the command center, on the road in a patrol car, ambulance, fire truck and even on a motorcycle or quad.

LARDIS does not have customers – but fans!

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last updated: January 2024