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Regola is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) specialized in designing, manufacturing, maintaining mission-critical platforms and software-level system integration (Radio comms, Phone systems, in-vehicle equipment, 3rd parties, etc.) for Emergency Response Organizations and Public Safety Authorities.

Regola’s professionals are committed on customer intimacy, service rapidity, quality and efficiency of any provided solutions, while having a DNA of innovators that anticipate modern demands and shape a technological vision projected towards the future.

Regola combines IT software specialists with international domain experts in its Teams, aimed at creating the perfect mix between technology and domain-specific complexities.

Regola offers a native Hybrid Public Safety approach that leaves Customers choosing any preferred environment(s) combination among SaaS, Cloud and on-premises.

Internationally acknowledged certifications, sector standards and interoperability patterns are essential elements of Regola and a guarantee of the quality of products and services provided.

Regola operates as an international technology supplier and has the privilege of supporting its long-term partners and end-customers in 3 continents (North America, Europe, Australia).

Since 2022, Regola is member of the Frequentis Group, a global supplier in the field of Public Safety worldwide.

This prestigious achievement is the certification of 25+ years of technological excellence, a quality that cannot be renounced today, in order to satisfy a market which is increasingly focused on the value and completeness of the platforms adopted.

We are perfectly aligned with Frequentis Group’s mission “For a safer world”, due to our continued efforts to increase the awareness with which Public Safety systems are selected by Bodies and Organisations involved in protecting the public. The new synergy is the natural meeting point between our outstanding attention to details and the solid market experience of a Group of international standing.

As part of the Frequentis Group, Regola offers its customers a quality of service in line with the most stringent international standards. And the guarantee of choosing a reliable supplier, capable of managing complex operational and technological processes, even on nation-wide software platforms.

Unique CAD Suite

A future-proof Cloud-native Computer Aided Dispatch product family, able to provide intelligence at the PSAPs, interactive decision-making support, offline user-experience, interface to modern medias and external services, custom-defined Agency response configurations.

Proudly 1st in Europe and 2nd Worldwide to get the top-quality recognition of ProQA Paramount TITANIUM Certified for its seamless integration with internationally-validated call taking protocols (Fire - Medical – Police - Multi-Discipline) produced by Priority Dispatch Corp. and regulated by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

Explore the multi-modular and Agency-specific software solutions:

  • Unique CAD, Remote Light CAD, Mobile CAD & Event Reporting  Context-driven CAD for Control Room, Stations, remote working positions, tablet and sat-nav apps.
  • Unique One     for unified Call taking, as well as Multi-Agency
  • Unique EMS     for Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services
  • Unique Fire      for Fire Brigades
  • Unique Police  for Police & Law Enforcement
  • Unique Crisis   for Civil Defense, as well as Crisis & Disaster management
  • Unique Care     for healthcare continuity / low-acuity management

Emergency Mobile Link

A real-time Web-based emergency mobile link providing dynamic location acquisition (HTML5), multi-party chat, multi-lingual operations, multiple-choice answers, document sharing, picture sharing, live video streaming, inter-agency and cross-responders operations and more.

Selected by the Italian Authorities as the official nationwide service for the deaf people when accessing 112, our emergency mobile link specializes on the ability to bring enhanced and richer data to the PSAP(s), extending the range of operations with live communication and dynamic eyes on scene evidence, without the need of downloading nor any pre-installed Mobile App in the device.

Alerting Crowds and Responders

A comprehensive multi-purpose and multi-modal system for Alerting, designed for:

  • IoT-integrated intelligent early warning, in combination with ad-hoc integrations.
  • Public broadcasting, notification and social dissemination to the population.
  • Private alerting and mass mobilizing, for internal call-out and command-chain alerting.

ensuring compliance to standards and the official legislation, voted by the European Parliament, on Reverse 112 Public Warning as per DIRECTIVE (EU) 2018/1972, 17 December 2018.



last updated: May 2023