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Pulsiam is a proven and innovative leader in public safety software, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in public safety and disaster management, we have used our industry expertise to create a comprehensive browser-based command and control solution that is fully scalable and ideal for both the largest and the smallest agencies.

At Pulsiam, our focus is staying on the cutting edge of innovation through product development and, more importantly, by creating interfaces to the best mobile applications and software to hit the market.

The public safety industry is full of new, ground-breaking ideas, and with Pulsiam’s SafetyNet applications and extensive interfaces, you can choose exactly the right solution for your agency.

Pulsiam has installed the SafetyNet suite of public safety software at more than 90 locations worldwide, serving nearly one hundred million people. Pulsiam’s flexible architecture allows our support team to make changes to customer systems and databases on the fly, without interrupting operations 90% of the time.

Pulsiam’s primary goal is to save lives: its fully integrated software and mobile application suite ensure that valuable, life-saving information is always in the hands of emergency response and disaster management coordinators and response teams as soon as it is available.

As an international company, Pulsiam meets the communication standards, certifications and protocols which are accepted worldwide.

last updated: November 2022