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Living in an Interconnected World

In today’s interconnected world, data in public safety becomes a valuable asset to improve situational awareness and is key to fast and efficient emergency services. Next Generation standards, such as NG-911 and NG112 provide blueprints for modern, interconnected and IP-based architectures.

GridGears was founded in 2017 with the goal to contribute to those standards and enable better, more integrated and more efficient emergency services. We truly believe in standards and are deeply convinced that the aggregation of multiple services, provides much greater value than the sum of it’s parts. This core value is even reflected in the company’s name, where we see that the Grid - the aggregation - of multiple Gears - the services - drives the motor of innovation.

Digitalization of Emergency Services

Future emergency services need to keep up with and take advantage of the ever-growing digitalization. They must utilize this trend and its new possibilities to provide more accurate and efficient help to those in need. To achieve the best possible solution, these state of tomorrow systems need to interconnect with multiple components within and outside of the emergency network. Efficient and cost-effective exchangeability and interconnectivity between those components can only be gained by moving from proprietary interfaces to well defined and recognized standards.

Our Products

GridGears provides multiple Next Generation Core Components, including Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF), Policy Routing Function (PRF), Forest Guide and Location Information Service (LIS) with Advanced Mobile Location integration. Our products support on-premise, cloud-based or even hybrid deployment options to allow easy and cost-efficient integration into existing systems. The interfaces and protocols adhere to the standard and were evaluated during multiple ETSI Plugtests from GridGears' earliest beginnings. GridGears' products were also an essential part of the Cross-border ESInet and LoST Hierarchy Emergency Services Testing (CELESTE) consortium in EENA’s Next Generation 112 Project.

Future Emergency Services

Technology and their level of integration and acceptance is moving at an enormous speed. Nobody can predicate how we will communicate and interact with technology in the future. Therefore, it is even more important to establish a stable foundation for future innovations in public safety. At GridGears we believe that NG112 and NG9-1-1 are the foundation for integrated, multi-vendor and cross-border solutions and we are strongly committed provide standard conform solutions, which enable the best possible emergency services, whenever and wherever you are.

last updated: December 2022