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IPS Consultants

International Public Safety is a boutique consulting firm in the Public Safety and Technology Sector.

We understand the Public Safety & Security domain in Europe and worldwide having deep industry expertise. Our Clients are governments, Public Safety agencies and companies providing technology for the Public Safety market.

Our Team is comprised of senior executives and consultants each of them having extensive experience in the Public Safety and Technology Sector.

Our Specialties are Strategy, Technology, Management, M&A, Programs & Projects, Operations, System Engineering.

We deliver strategies and concepts having a strong focus on implementation. Our work is characterized by an effective and efficient project work as well as active participation during the implementation phase.

Basis of our consulting work is our expertise of state-of-the-art software centric technologies:

  • Software Development Environments
  • Data Management & Storage
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Communication and Mobile Apps
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Safety & Security

We understand the use of these technologies for all key Public Safety & Security Application areas:

  • Command & Control
  • Incident Command
  • Records Management

By combining our technology expertise with our understanding of the Public Safety & Security domain we

  • create Business & Technology Strategies,
  • support M&A activities,
  • run Management, Programs & Projects,
  • help with Operations,
  • do System Engineering

for our clients.

International Public Safety is providing expertise in Strategy, Technology, Execution and Operations, while creating lasting value.

International Public Safety is a founder of moPS GmbH, Mobile Services for Public Safety. moPS is providing mobile Apps supporting Public Safety & Security workflows on any mobile Device!

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last updated: December 2022