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IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture

IDOM is a leading international firm specialized in professional consulting, engineering, and architecture services. With a global workforce of nearly 5,125 professionals representing over 70 nationalities, IDOM brings a diverse and skilled team to every project. Over our 66-year history, IDOM has successfully delivered services to more than 5,000 clients across 30,000 projects, making an impact in over 125 countries on all five continents.

Our company is recognized as one of the largest design firms worldwide, being ranked #47 in ENR’s 2021 Top International Design Firms list. One of IDOM’s key factors for success is being close to our clients, which is defined as one of the company’s core values, allowing us to understand their interests and necessities to exceed their expectations.

IDOM offers a complete range of services throughout the project life cycle, from conception to completion, giving us the ability to act as a one-stop-shop. The company provides in-house expertise covering all aspects related to engineering, architecture, and consultancy services, which ensures that our proposals are robust, coherent, feasible, and practical from the outset.

IDOM counts with a multi-disciplinary and extremely qualified pool of in-house experts in its offices around the world. This includes experts with proven experience in consulting services and, ICT and communications design for 112 / 911 emergency services to draw on, which can be trusted on for the successful completion of this project.

Specifically, IDOM has developed projects involving the design of 112 / 911 PSAP technological systems worldwide, with teams composed by both national and international in-house experts and the support of IDOMs network of offices for logistical, administrative, legal, and technical support. The experience of the company and the proposed team members’ will be detailed in further chapters of this technical proposal.

Areas of activity

IDOM’s technical departments (internally known as Technical Areas) offer a wide range of services across the following main areas of activity: cities, digital, industry, energy, science & astronomy, environment, transport systems, telecommunications & security, the water cycle, public sector, architecture, and health.

The company promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to complex projects that involve multiple areas of activity, where team members from multiple technical departments are drawn on to compose a tailor-made project team for each specific project.

Global office network and local partners

IDOM’s network of international offices counts with more than 45 offices in all five continents. On top of that, IDOM seeks the collaboration of local partners and local sub-consultants whenever needed to remain effective and to ensure that the project is tailored to local needs, customs, and regulations.

Company values

IDOM values the professional and human development of its people, considering them to be the main asset of the company, and as such promotes and respects their professional independence to the maximum level. This is a strategic factor that allows us to ensure that we can offer the best possible service and guarantee the quality of our work.

Being able to offer our clients the services of professionals with the appropriate experience and training, who are committed to guaranteeing the client’s satisfaction, is one of the reasons why the company can boast that 75% of the firm’s contracts correspond to repeating clients, a clear demonstration of their confidence in the company.

IDOM’s experts are our most important resource. It is therefore vital for the wellbeing and future of the company that they are kept up to date with the latest developments in technology, project management, and state of the art. Over the last ten years, IDOM has devoted an increasing amount of time and energy to the continuous training of its personnel.

Furthermore, IDOM counts with a sound knowledge management system, with every new project taking advantage of the experience and lessons learnt obtained in similar projects, as part of an ongoing process of improvement of our technical and managing capabilities.

The company also takes a keen interest in innovation. IDOM understands innovation not only as the proactive search for new products and services, but also the continuous introduction of new management methods and processes within our company, and is as such an integral part of the company’s business model.

Company certifications

In December 1995, IDOM obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate ISO-9001, awarded by LLOYDS QUALITY REGISTER ASSURANCE. In April 2000 IDOM obtained the certificate proving that its activities are carried out following an Environmental Management System within the framework of the international regulation UNE-EN-ISO 14001. In addition, in 2018 IDOM obtained the certificate proving Services of Engineering, Architecture and Consultancy relating to public and private projects including works supervision to client requirements; design, management and execution of turnkey projects ISO 45001:2018.

Summary of main strengths

In summary, these are IDOM’s main strengths related to the present RFP:

1.   Client-focused and close to our clients.

2.   Independent firm with no sort of attachment to any group, which allows us to provide impartial advice.

3.   Horizontal management structure that recognizes local peculiarities, global experience, and the diffusion of knowledge.

4.   Close/local presence, via local partners and local sub-consultants.

5.   Qualified and certified project managers with an international profile.

6.   Multi-disciplinary expertise across most branches of consulting, engineering, and architecture.

7.   Specific experience and knowledge of the task at hand, with a team of professionals that have previous experience in the design of ICT systems for 112 / 911 emergency services.

8.   Strong technological development, working practices following approved Quality Systems and Handbooks, and the ability to adapt to new working methods and tools, all to completely fulfill our clients’ requirements.

9.   Continued growth through internationalization and strategic alliances that complement our value proposition.

10. Permanent innovation and technological development.

11. Active presence in forums, universities, and events, maintaining the company’s position as a reference in the market. The company is registered as an EENA member, which is particularly relevant for this project.

12. Certifications: Quality Assurance Certificate ISO-9001, Environmental Management System of UNE-EN-ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certificate. Design, management, and execution of turnkey projects ISO 45001:2018. 

Security & Emergencies Business Unit

IDOM’s Security & Emergencies Business Unit forms part of our Telecommunications, ITS & Security Technical Area, which counts with 24 years of experience offering a wide range of services across four main business lines: Technological Consulting, Intelligent Transport Systems, Telecom Networks & Service Providers, and Security & Emergencies.

The Security & Emergencies Business Unit offers a broad catalogue of services that can be grouped into six categories: Physical Security, Control Centers, 112/911 & Mission Critical Communications, Data Centers, Smart Applications, and Cybersecurity.

Our team has a long history track serving clients in the Public Safety space in all matters related to consultancy services, ICT technology projects, including 112 / 911 emergency services and first responder agencies such as police, firefighter, and EMS organizations.

Relevant services and experience

Particularly relevant for this project is the team’s experience in ICT consulting and design for Emergency Services and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). As will be demonstrated in the references section, the company’s previous experience includes works across all stages of the project lifecycle of an emergency center, from conception to completion, and across all its technical and conceptual aspects, including but not limited to:


  • Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Work Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Post-Construction Services (e.g., Technological Evolution Design, Resiliency Audits and Studies)

Conceptual Aspects

  • First Responders & Relevant Stakeholders Communication & Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability
  • Availability
  • Resiliency
  • Security

Technical Aspects

  • Control Room Design & Layout
  • Ergonomics & Comfort
  • MEP Systems
  • ICT Infrastructure (Networks & Data Centers)
  • Network Operator Services
  • Audiovisual Systems (e.g., Video Systems, Video Walls, Drones, Bodycams)
  • Emergency Management Systems & Software (e.g., Call Handling, Computer Aided Dispatch, Response Planning, GIS)
  • Emergency Communications Technologies (e.g., Legacy & IP Emergency Calls, NG-911/NG-112, Caller Location, Public Warning)
  • Physical Security Systems

In recent years, the Security & Emergencies team has developed the design of the technological platform for the first 911 Emergency Center in Peru, following the NENA i3 Standard for NG-911 (to the degree that was possible, adjusted to local conditions).

    • This project required IDOM to collaborate with all relevant stakeholders, including first responder agencies and network operators.
    • The scope included the design of call handling and computer aided dispatch (CAD) systems, the services to be provided by network operators (including location information services), and other aspects such as the underlying ICT and server infrastructure.

The team has also recently developed a resiliency study for the main Emergency Center of the Basque 112 service (SOS DEIAK), located in Bilbao, aimed to improve the service’s continuity of operations. Our team is also responsible, among experts from other IDOM Technical Areas, for the design of the acclaimed 112 Emergency Center in Reus, Catalonia.

The company and the team also have experience in other subjects that are relevant to the project such as telecommunication networks and network operators, mission critical communications, multimedia communications, and legal framework analysis.

An example of a project that combines all of these aspects is the development of a strategy for the implementation of a Broadband Cellular Network for Mission Critical Communications for first responders in the Basque Country, which our Security & Emergencies team is currently performing for the Basque Government.

last updated: February 2024