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Digital tools for emergency situations providing control, insight and common situational awareness

You depend on timely and correct information in emergencies and everyday work to make the best possible decisions. With Bliksund you get a better overview of routines, people, equipment, and the situation. Our field experience combined with customer insights enables us to deliver impactful solutions and innovative technology. We have experienced time pressure, stress, misunderstandings, and limited resources. Therefore, we create the best solutions to facilitate your workday with a human touch.

Bliksund is an international software company with its roots in the southern parts of Norway. Since we started up in 2010, we have delivered socially critical solutions which help emergency services both in daily operations and emergency situations. We are proud to say that the company has become an industry-leading vendor of digital solutions to emergency services and other industries internationally. The acquisition of Danish Incendium A/S in 2022 allowed us to add video streaming solutions tailored for emergency situations to our portfolio.

Many of our employees come from the field and have first-hand experience as former doctors, paramedics, nurses, firefighters and rescue workers or defence. They know what is at stake and how important intuitive and user-friendly solutions are to ensure control, insight, and common situational awareness. By using our electronic patient care record, real-time video, and a comprehensive operations management system, you get the necessary oversight and insight to ease and facilitate your daily work.

Regardless of sector, our mission is to make your work easier, safer, and more efficient. Read more about us here

Our solutions:

IncidentShare – secure live streaming

IncidentShare is a secure, intuitive, and fast solution for reception, management and sharing of real-time video. It is developed in close collaboration with users within fire and rescue, police, healthcare, and insurance. Real-time video gives you a better overview of the incident and ensures that everyone quickly obtains common situational awareness.

Through virtual presence, you can free up valuable time and ensure quick exchange of information and efficient collaboration. You can manage the incident effectively, quickly assess the situation and coordinate appropriately, sending the right crew with the right equipment, skills, and training.

GRID – Operational management

GRID is a cloud-based operations management solution that gives you a holistic overview of resources and processes. You get an overview of your crew, resources, competence, and exercises, as well as shared procedures, guidelines, and communication support.

The solution is modular and developed in close collaboration with professionals from the emergency and healthcare services. It can be tailored to your organisation's needs, always keeping the user experience in mind.

GRID takes care of all your needs to keep track of vehicles and equipment as well as your staff's competence, courses, uniforms, and exposures. It also enables quick and efficient communication in a shift work environment where you can communicate directly with individuals or groups via SMS and news bulletins. It allows you to schedule your send outs with predefined distribution lists,or publish directly to information screens.

EWA - A complete ePCR solution for the prehospital area.

Bliksund EWA – Emergency Worker Assistant, is an electronic Patient Care Reporting solution for ambulance services and a real-time live view board for the emergency room providing updated patient status throughout the emergency care chain. The solution secures accurate and complete recording of patient information, effective flow of communication, and improved patient care and safety.

The system consists of a tablet-based app for use in ambulances, a live-view display in emergency departments, a medical record server for secure storage of patient data, as well as integration with emergency operations centres.

last updated: March 2024