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Experience and Innovation: Integrated Dispatching and First Contact Solutions.

Frequentis safety-critical communication and information solutions leverage more than seventy years of experience, driving innovation throughout the company´s history with many ‘industry firsts’. For more than two decades, it has been supplying emergency services and critical infrastructure organisations with highly reliable, easy-to-use control centre solutions. As communication technology evolves toward more open and multimedia-oriented standards and platforms like NG112 and MCx, the company is leading the way in defining and implementing these standards through active participation in industry organisations, such as EENA, NENA, APCO and TCCA. Find out more about our Public Safety achievements YouTube.

With an installed base of users across the globe, the company is serving some of the world’s largest and most demanding public safety institutions. During the 2012 London Olympics, the Metropolitan Police Service relied on the company to support the largest command and control centre in Europe, consisting of more than 600 working positions and 60 000 CCTV cameras in use for video surveillance. Three years later, the company´s voice communication solution integrating analogue and digital radio was used to support the G7 Summit at Schloss Elmau - the largest operation in the history of the Bavarian Police with up to 18 000 emergency service personnel protecting heads of governments while controlling demonstrations. Based on this success, in recent years Frequentis has continued to expand its customers base in the international Public Safety market.

Highlights of the Frequentis portfolio include:

- The 3020 LifeX™ multimedia integration platform, the company´s latest ICCS, utilises a service-oriented architecture (SOA) combined with multi-tenancy capabilities in order to support the virtualisation of control centre operations in hosted data centre deployments. It provides a fully-fledged contact centre solution for emergency call taking (including attribute-based ACD and IVR), radio dispatch (simultaneous connection to TETRA and MCx based radio systems) and seamless integration with common CAD/GIS and recording solution providers using standards-based interfaces. The use of web-client technology enables key information to be presented on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) with proper security authorisation, dissolving the physical borders of a control room.

- ICCS 3020 (Integrated Communication and Control System) stands for secure and reliable voice communication in control centres. The ICCS 3020 efficiently connects telephony and radio functions with all associated data services, such as location data. The ergonomic and efficient operation makes it easy for users to concentrate on their tasks.

- The DIVOS logging system collects and archives phone and radio communication, while also capturing screens, giving operators and investigators easy access to securely stored information. DIVOS scales from single to distributed logging systems and provides powerful web services for full integration with other mission-critical information systems.

last updated: May 2021