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Unblur has created IRIS Core to help Incident Commanders from Emergency Services make safer and faster data-driven decisions during an incident. 

IRIS Core is a software platform that allows commanders to visualize what is happening, and to know where the teams are at every second and what tasks are being done. Commanders can aggregate and share information like decision logs, messages and risk assessments between teams making coordination much easier.  Our platform connects all the data sources available displaying them on a simple and intuitive interface, in order to help Commanders execute an efficient response.  

IRIS Core captures multiple sources of real-time data, such as live video feeds and geolocation of vehicles and teams, together with static data such as maps, blueprints, pre-planned information and other databases. It integrates all of this data with Incident Command System (ICS) command and control tools, enriching them and allowing Incident Commanders manage the incident from one single place. With the rise of a technological and connected world new tools like wearables, sensors, drones, GIS, have appeared to enrich commanders view of the incident. 

However, new technologies are causing saturation of commanders by large amounts of fragmented and unfiltered data, obstructing the decision-making process. In addition, coordination becomes an issue, because different teams have different tools, meaning they have different understanding of what is happening in the incident.

IRIS has been developed with first responders around Europe, ensuring that all features are relevant for field commanders and that it has the best user experience design. The IRIS product team are constantly in contact with IRIS users, ensuring that the platform evolves with users’ feedback and needs.  IRIS is currently being deployed at Mid & West Wales, Hereford, Worcester and Shropshire FRS in the UK. 

We are available to showcase our technology and share our experience from deploying technology in Emergency Services. If you are interested reach us to learn more about how we can help you.

last updated: July 2020