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rescuetrack is leading in integrated solutions for ambulance services, police and fire departments. The core functions of rescuetrack, which more than 2,000 emergency services customers from eight countries use every day as a software-as-a-service, include:

  • Response unit tracking
  • vehicle hardware components for mission data exchange, status transmission, tracking, navigation and connection to third-party applications
  • mapbutler geo-information system
  • Geodata management (across all emergency services)
  • Routing services / calculation of next available resources (regular, blue light, large vehicles)
  • Area coverage analysis for advance planning of stations or live for deployment of resources or manhunt
  • Standardized data exchange between organizations and applications
  • Web-based transport ordering and dispatching for secondary missions
  • Hospital and department availability

As an integrated system solution, rescuetrack accompanies the entire rescue operation. In the control room, the police station, in the emergency vehicle, helicopter or boat, all the way to the hospital. rescuetrack interconnects all emergency organizations involved in a rescue operation, regardless of vendor, so that all emergency personnel have all relevant information at their disposal at all times. Regardless of the type of organization.

last updated: June 2023