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We are Czech based start-up company focused on solutions for emergency call systems. Our main expertise is based on our unique knowledge of emergency service operational management systems, our strong technical background, and a highly-individual approach to meeting our clients’ requirements through focusing on long-term partnerships and innovative creativity.

Aplikace Zachranka is the NG-SOS system, which significantly facilitates and streamlines both patient communication with the operations center and managing the entire rescue operation. The system uses all modern communication means to ensure the exact location, type of emergency and patient identification all take place seamlessly, and includes WebRTC technology for image transmission directly from the incident site. The system consists of five components that can function as a whole, or as separate modules.

  • Mobile app for callers
  • Web-based app for callers
  • Online dispatcher web portal
  • Advanced online tool for app management
  • Unique automation of processes with API for CAD integration

The system was tested and developed in cooperation with EMS professionals and provides the most accurate information about the caller by providing their location updates, complete medical profile, and basic pre-classification data, including next-of-kin contacts, mobile network, battery status and more. System also provides an interface for online chat and video streaming. By combining all of this information provided, EMS crews can reach the patient in a far shorter period of time, thereby increasing the patient’s overall chances of survival. System also supports communication for callers with speech disabilities and was also developed to fully support Voice Over technology for blind users.

Our app is the official nationwide Czech, Austrian and Hungarian app, and we provide our technology for mountain rescue operations in Slovakia. The concept behind this is for a universal platform with localized apps specific to each country and linked through a single interface, so that the app not only works in the user’s home country but also when they travel abroad for business or on holiday.

It also features an interactive First Aid guide with CPR, which functions as an intuitive user manual. Plus, users can register new AED locations through the app. One of the most important features is that it’s an extremely easy way for local authorities to effectively warn the public in the event of large-scale emergencies – via push notifications, automated calls or text messages to all users. This unique combination of emergency call function, first aid procedures, AED database and reverse emergency notification system has received excellent ratings from both experts and the wider public. The NG SOS system is built on a robust backend solution that enables direct implementation within local operations management systems. All available functions can then be managed directly within the CAD system currently in use. The simple API has already enabled direct implementation within CAD systems in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

last updated: July 2020