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We are a Czech based company focused on solutions for emergency calling, public warning, AED mapping, and public awareness in the emergency field based on mobile apps and WebRTC. Our main expertise is based on our unique knowledge of emergency service operational management systems, our strong technical background, and our highly individual approach. Our main product is the NG-SOS platform which is now used by more than 3 mil users in 4 EU countries.

Zachranka – NG-SOS

NG-SOS is a modular solution for effective two-way communication between the caller and the operations centre. The system’s modules are designed to work as a whole or in conjunction with already-established technologies within a particular organization. Whether you are dealing with real-time image transmission, a mobile app for emergency calls, a public warning system, or notifications for first responders — NG-SOS is the technological leader in the field of emergency communications.

Mobile App

The app was tested and developed in cooperation with EMS professionals and provides the most accurate information about the caller by sending their location updates, complete medical profile, and basic pre-classification data (including next-of-kin contacts, mobile network, battery status, and more). The app also provides an interface for online chat and video streaming. By combining all of this information provided, EMS crews can reach the patient in a far shorter period of time, thereby increasing the patient’s overall chances of survival. The app supports communication for callers with speech and hearing disabilities and was also developed to fully support Voice Over technology for blind users.

An important part of the app is the geofence-based reverse notification communication feature with static and dynamic content. And all with remote control over CMS or CAD.

Web-based App

Not all emergency calls are made through a mobile app. Effective caller location, classification, and identification is thus limited to the classic telephone call scenario and the individual operator’s own ability to make good use of this method in repeatedly stressful and demanding situations, with callers who are often in shock, disorientated, and possibly seriously injured. And sometimes trying to communicate all of the above in a foreign language. NG-SOS technology significantly streamlines and enhances standard emergency calls. This specially-developed technology enables an SMS to be sent containing a so-called Smart Link to establish a connection via a WebRTC-based web app.

Public Warning System

The NG-SOS system uses a mobile app to warn of sudden crisis situations such as water supply contamination, epidemics, chemical leaks, unexploded ordnance, and other dangers. It is thus an important component in the various means of alerting the population, such as sirens, emergency SMS alerts, or Cell Broadcast. The source of the alert notification can be CAD (via Common Alerting Protocol). Alternatively, the alert can be entered directly through the CMS system, or the app can be integrated within other emergency call systems already in use.

The main advantages of adding a mobile app to a national public warning system are the speed of sending notifications (millions of notifications received within minutes) and the low operating costs (as the above are not charged as individual SMSes). Notifications can be supplemented by a link to a website with further instructions, or a direct link to the procedure or instructions in the mobile app. The system can work either with a database of registered users according to defined regions or with users' current locations based on the principle of Geofencing technology.

Dispatcher Portal

The NG-SOS system’s online dispatcher portal was designed based on the needs of emergency call lines. It enables access to information either from the caller’s mobile app or obtained via Smart SMS. It includes:

  • An overview of calls from the mobile app within that region.
  • A display of all caller information transmitted during the emergency call, including visualised map data.
  • The possibility for customisation and integration with other technologies.


Remote content management of a national mobile app for emergency calls or sending direct notifications to users has never been easier. With a sophisticated CMS, you can easily update Points of Interest in the app without the need for millions of users to update the app themselves.

An important function is the unique reverse emergency notification system, which enables emergency alerts to be sent to all users within a selected area, with the added option to supplement the alert’s arrival with an alarm message tone and display a link to the national authorities designated websites.


The NG-SOS system is built on a robust backend solution that enables direct implementation within local operations management systems. All available functions can then be managed directly within the CAD system currently in use. The simple API has already enabled direct implementation within CAD systems in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The entire technology can be operated on the principle of a cloud solution or in the form of an on-premises solution.

The NG-SOS system is already in use in specific situations in various countries for the automated activation of first responders from the mountain and water rescue services.

last updated: December 2022