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Everbridge is the most trusted and experienced global provider of Public Safety, Public Warning, Population Alerting, CAD, and Incident, Disaster and Crisis Management solutions and offers:

  • Public Warning Solutions
    • Unified alert management front-end and gateway which connects to any alert system, modern (Cell Broadcast, Location-Based SMS) or classic (email, mobile app, sirens, TV, radio, digital signage, social media)
    • Proprietary one2many Cell Broadcast backend
    • Proprietary Location-Based SMS backend
  • CAD, Incident and Disaster Management Solutions
    • Situational Awareness dashboard with risk intelligence, weather data and custom feeds
    • Emergency call handling system with call routing and dispatch management (CAD)
    • Resource management systems (such as COVID-19 vaccine inventory)
    • End-to-end incident, crisis, and disaster management platform

The Everbridge Public Warning platform provides a comprehensive, feature-rich, multi-channel, multi-agency solution to help Governments, Public Safety, and Security Authorities keep residents and visitors safe when it matters most.

The Everbridge Public Warning platform meets and exceeds the requirements of EECC Article 110. Everbridge is the only vendor that can deliver both of the technologies recommended by BEREC in a single platform and without the need for any third-party dependency.

Everbridge is the world’s most trusted national public warning solution. Our purpose-built platform offers unique benefits:

  • Our own flexible unified alerting front-end and gateways to interface with any communication system
  • Our own best-in-class Cell Broadcast technology
  • Our own best-in-class Location-Based SMS technology
  • Engineered, built, and supported in Europe

Trusted All Around the World  

Everbridge leverages its Critical Event Management solutions to deliver the world’s most widely used population alerting solution, reaching over two billion people in more than 200 countries. As the global leader in countrywide population alerting deployments, Everbridge supports European countries such as Spain, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and Sweden. In addition to Europe, Everbridge supports countries in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America including Australia, New Zealand, three states in India, Peru, and Singapore. Everbridge also offers its services to industries including public security, telecommunication, hospitals, oil and gas, aviation, educational institutions, public service, and national security. 

Unique Advantages of Everbridge

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the field of Public Safety, Public Warning, CAD and Emergency Management
  • The only Public Warning solution provider that delivers a government alerting front-end and gateway, a proprietary Cell Broadcast back-end, and a proprietary Location-Based-SMS backend. All components can be delivered together or standalone
  • Unrivalled number of successful nationwide Public Warning deployments
  • Sophisticated geo-targeting capabilities
  • Communicate across all phases of the incident’s lifecycle (Receive, Respond, Recover, Report)
  • Communicate with all stakeholders: People who can help, People who need to know, People who are impacted
  • Define incident zones and automatically alert people entering or leaving an impacted area
  • Meets and exceeds the requirements of EECC Article 110
  • Best-in-class technology for Cell Broadcast including:
    • Speed of message delivery when time is of the essence
    • Congestion-free notification bypassing SMS network
    • Unique, recognizable alert tone
    • Messages in native languages
  • Best-in-class technology for Location-Based SMS including:
    • Location intelligence to target alerts to specific groups
    • Multi-lingual messaging based on SIM card
    • Two-way engagement and communication
    • Target people with special requirements or needs
    • Traveler alerts to citizens who are overseas
    • Target alerts based on static, dynamic, and expected location
    • Target alerts based on historic ‘footprint’
  • The only vendor to have successfully deployed a hybrid solution combining CB & LB-SMS for nationwide population alerting
  • On premise, hosted or cloud-based model as well as customized platform deployments
  • Flexible solutions that can be optimized to the needs of the sending authority, helping to meet functionality expectations and resource constraints

one2many, acquired by Everbridge in March 2020, is a leading global vendor of nationwide public warning solutions for governments and the telecommunications industry. The one2many Cell Broadcast System is the most advanced and high-performance Cell Broadcast System in the market, with more than 85 deployments worldwide. The combination of one2many and Everbridge creates the largest and only public warning system offering multi-hazard, multi-channel alerting including Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS.

Techwan, acquired by Everbridge in 2020, is a Swiss company and is a leading provider of public and private safety and emergency solutions. (See separate entry for more information on Techwan’s offerings).

last updated: December 2021