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Everbridge Public Safety solutions are used daily by governments, public authorities, emergency management, civil protection to keep people safe when it matters most.

Population Alerting and Public Warning solutions:

The Everbridge Public Warning platform provides a comprehensive, feature-rich, multi-channel, flexible, modular solution to help Governments, Public Safety, and Security Authorities keep residents and visitors before, during, and after critical events. It includes:

  • A universal multi-channel front-end console and gateway allows the creation of alerts that can be disseminated via any alerting system such as Cell Broadcast, Location-Based SMS, address based SMS, email, mobile app, sirens, TV, radio, digital signage, social media
  • A proprietary one2many Cell Broadcast backend installed with the telecom operator
  • A proprietary Location-Based SMS backend installed with the telecom operators
  • PSInsightsTM that provides real-time visibility into an area affected by a critical event for quicker decision-making, faster emergency response, and more accurate communications.

The Everbridge Public Warning platform is engineered, built, and supported in Europe, to meet and exceed the requirements of EECC Article 110.

Everbridge is the only vendor that can deliver both technologies recommended by BEREC in a single platform and without the need for any third-party dependency. Everbridge is the world’s most trusted countrywide public warning solution reaching out to more than 2 billion people, including Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Estonia, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Mauritius, states in India, and in the USA.

CAD, Emergency call routing, Dispatch, and Incident Response Management

Everbridge SAGA provides Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), Emergency Call Centers (ECC), National and Local Security Services with an end-to-end Emergency Call management and Incident Response Platform to manage emergencies from call taking through triage, routing, to dispatch, mobilisation and activity tracking.  The solution features:  

  • Situational awareness
  • Emergency call taking and logging (3 W’s)
  • Triage, transfer and routing
  • Command & Control with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Intelligent resource dispatching (geo, availability, skills and competencies)
  •  Rally and Engage (communicate with resources, different messages/profile) 
  • Incident response plans activation
  • Visual activity monitoring track
  • GIS
  • Reporting and analysis (workload management, resources utilisation optimization, analytics and trending)

Among other, Everbridge SAGA is used by France’s National Police and Gendarmerie, 144 Emergency number in Switzerland, different national security services in the Middle East.

Disaster preparedness and response management

Everbridge all-in-one Continuous Preparedness System (CPS) platform helps Disaster Management agencies and public authorities throughout the entire incident lifecycle. Built based on International Incident Response System frameworks, it covers all phases of disaster management from Preparedness, though, Response, Relief, Recovery and Mitigation. The solution offers:   

  • Disaster preparedness and planning
  • Strategic & tactical level decision support
  • Dynamic incident response 
  • EOC plans activation
  • Automated workflow & tracking
  • Integrated communications & Notifications
  • Resource and inventory management
  • Recovery and reimbursement 
  • Built on India’s DM Act, 2005 and NDMA IRS (2010) requirements

Among other, Everbridge CPS is used by Odisha State Disaster Management Authority, Gurajarat State Disaster Management Authority and Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority.

Trusted All Around the World 

Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG) is a global software company that provides enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate organizations’ operational response to critical events to Keep People Safe and Organizations Running™. During public safety threats such as active shooter situations, terrorist attacks or severe weather conditions, as well as critical business events including IT outages, cyber-attacks, product recalls or supply-chain interruptions, over 6,300 customers in 76 countries rely on the Company’s Critical Event Management Platform to quickly and reliably aggregate and assess threat data, locate people at risk and responders able to assist, automate the execution of pre-defined communications processes through the secure delivery to over 100 different communication modalities, and track progress on executing response plans.

one2many, acquired by Everbridge in March 2020, is a leading global vendor of nationwide public warning solutions for governments and the telecommunications industry. The one2many Cell Broadcast System is the most advanced and high-performance Cell Broadcast System in the market, with more than 85 deployments worldwide. The combination of one2many and Everbridge creates the largest and only public warning system offering multi-hazard, multi-channel alerting including Cell Broadcast and Location-Based SMS.

Techwan, acquired by Everbridge in 2020, is a Swiss company and is a leading provider of public and private safety and emergency solutions. (See separate entry for more information on Techwan’s offerings).

last updated: March 2023