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Celltick – Utimaco

Celltick was recently acquired by Utimaco, a global provider of trusted Cybersecurity and Compliance solutions, to provide the most advanced and competitive Public Warning Systems.

Based in Aachen (Germany) and Campbell, CA (USA), UTIMACO develops on-premises and cloud-based hardware security modules, solutions for key management, data protection and identity management as well as data intelligence solutions for regulated critical infrastructures and Public Warning Systems. UTIMACO is one of the world's leading manufacturers in its key market segments.

Together with Celltick, Utimaco is a global leader of Public Warning Systems and the world’s largest cell broadcast-based products provider. Our systems deliver real-time alerts globally to hundreds of millions of users daily and have been adopted by several governments and over 80 mobile operators across 5 continents.

Our flagship MAGEN® (Mass Alert Geo Emergency Notifications) suite of products is especially designed for governments and public safety entities. The MAGEN® suite provides a wide range of delivery channels for the dissemination of time critical and life-saving warnings to citizens for all types of emergencies, e.g. severe weather warnings, floods, earthquakes, terror attacks and any imminent threat to the population.  MAGEN® Command Post is the central alerts creation, control and management system for all MAGEN® delivery channels. It also features a state-of-the-art easy-to-use GUI and may be customized to accommodate every customer’s operating procedures, including a complete automatic warnings dissemination.

The MAGEN® suite adapts to the specific needs of each customer via a variety of delivery channels, including cell broadcast, location-based SMS, customized native apps, unique SIM based applet, sirens, TV, radio, billboards, desktop alerts, IVR, email and others. 

MAGEN® CBC enables alerts delivery within seconds to unlimited subscribers, in real-time and based on location. It supports tens of languages, and it is deployed across networks with thousands of RAN controllers and over multiple time zones. MAGEN®  CBC is the only CBC in the market that supports a unique geo-redundancy active-active architecture practically ensuring zero downtime.

MAGEN® CBC is congruent with all types of networks – 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G supporting all RAN vendors including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Cisco, Mavenir, Microsoft, Samsung, ZTE and all other established vendors. It can be deployed over bare metal or on a cloud/VM.  MAGEN® CBC can be implemented either in centralized or distributed topologies and it complies with all industry standards including EU-alert, CMAS and CAP.

Celltick’s customers include the Danish Armed Forces, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior, IDF (Israel Defence Forces), government of India (AP), 3 in Denmark and Sweden, Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, BSNL, Telia, Bite, Tele2, America Movil, Globe Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Star, APT, MobiFone, Dialog, Mobitel, VNM and many others.

MAGEN® PWS main components are:

  • MAGEN® Command Post (CBE)
  • MAGEN® Native iOS and Android apps
  • MAGEN® SIM Alert
  • MAGEN® Sirens
  • MAGEN® Radio
  • MAGEN® Billboards
  • MAGEN® email
  • MAGEN® Desktop

Our Unique Advantages:

  • Trusted cybersecurity and compliance solution provider
  • A global leader for complete Public Warning Systems
  • The world’s largest cell broadcast provider
  • We develop all in-house elements that are required for the overall system
  • All products are equipped with a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use GUI
  • A large footprint in all regions, with local experts
  • Very fast time to market

500+ employees around the globe create innovative solutions and services to protect data, identities and communication networks with responsibility for global customers and citizens. Customers and partners in many different industries value the reliability and long-term investment security of UTIMACO’s high-security products and solutions. Find out more on

last updated: June 2022