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Airnity is the first “Connectivity Factory”, a Mobile Virtual Network Operation (MVNO) owned by Automotive OEMs to develop connected cars connectivity, globally, for and on behalf of Car Makers.

Airnity has designed and developed its own connectivity solution, a global distributed Mobile Core Network with all the necessary networks elements. It is fully designed and developed in-house in order to enable the full control of its Telecom Network, worldwide.

But Airnity is also and mostly a telecom operator. The objective of the Connectivity Factory is indeed to offer car makers a one stop shop Telecom solution which simplifies the telecom fragmentation across the globe, from the car’s on-board systems and the car maker’s back end.

Airnity will operate its network with a global coverage thanks to partnership with the Mobile operators across the globe. Each car using an Airnity SIM will have the capacity to use the Radio Access Network (RAN) of the MNO-partners of Airnity in the country where the car is located.

Airnity’s strength is to be able to customise the telecom software stack consistently with the need of the new generation of Connected Cars, Software Defined Vehicle generation, and at the same time to be able to localise necessary resources required to comply with sometimes complex country regulations and obtain locally the expected quality of service (QoS).

Airnity provides car makers, members of the Connectivity Factory, a global solution which fully abstracts the telecom layer from the onboard hardware and software.

Stellantis and Renault Group are the first two members of Airnity, and other car makers are expected to join the Connectivity Factory.

last updated: November 2023