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SYSTEL specialises in the delivery of command & control and integrated communications systems specifically to Fire and Rescue Services and Ambulance Services. Of our current 62 customers, 53 are in mainland Europe and a number of French Overseas Territories. Whilst five solutions are currently live in England and one in Belgium, others are being deployed in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland. Collectively, our Solutions handle over 2,500,000 calls per year with the largest individually handling 400,000 per annum.

The Solution developed entirely by our team of engineers as a holistic, integrated systems to meet the end-to-end needs of our customers. Originally developed in 1987, it has undergone a number of iterations since its inception to take account of new requirements of our customers.

SYSTEL’s solution incorporates the following key integrated components:

  • Command and Control (CAD)
  • Integrated Communication Control System and Telephony (ICCS)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) /Gazetteer
  • Resource Management
  • Predictive Dynamic Cover Tool
  • Mobile Data Terminals and Appliance Mobilisation
  • Information Management and Reporting System
  • Interfaces to key third party systems

Key benefits:

  • Multi-Agency and Interoperability  ->  Fire and Ambulance Services work together on the same systems, sharing the same back-office
  • High Availability  ->  Resilience at site and system level
  • Call Scripting  ->  Includes Fire and Medical scripts
  • Integrated Communications  ->  Radio/telephony integrated in CAD
  • Attribute Based Mobilising  ->  Flexibility in manning resources
  • Flexible Resourcing Models  ->  Linked to attribute based mobilising
  • Advanced Gazetteer  ->  Progressive searching and corporate gazetteer integration

Systel employs approximatively 140 staff at its headquarters in La Rochelle, France (comprising Software Engineers/Developers, Support technicians, Project Management Staff and Trainers) as well as 8 staff in Leeds, UK.

last updated: December 2022