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The IMA Group is an international assistance company wich has develop a 25-year experience as TPS e-Call in western Europe with close relationship with PSAP organizations. Since 2017 the SNSA and IMA have been designated PSAP eCall for the handling of 112 eCall in France in cooperation with emergency services and Public authorities. The IMA Group designs, assembles and implements assistance solutions and services adapted to its shareholders and customers. We are committed to providing help, support, and guidance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Our talented people are hard at work every day in four areas of expertise: Mobility, Home, Wellness, and Legal.

We devote all our attention to our shareholders and their beneficiaries as well as our partners and customers whenever they need it. In 2022, the Group generate a turnover of €1006 million. It covers over 45 million beneficiaries and has more than 5 400 employees.

last updated: May 2023