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Genasys, The Critical Communication Company is a leading provider of Mass Notification and Public Warning Systems, with more than 20 years of experience.

Our National Emergency Warning System, NEWS, is based in all our expertise gained in deployment of critical solutions all over the world, having already been successfully proven, having sent more than 100 million of emergency messages

Mobile-Based Multi-Channel Public Warning System

Genasys NEWS is a mission-critical, efficient, modular, and scalable solution, which allows to use multiple channels to maximize the covered population, getting the attention of the people, sending information in different languages to maximize the understanding of the messages.

Our multi-channel approach is key to reach all these objectives:

  • Location based SMS and Cell Broadcasting Messages: no need of any subscription procedures, all mobile phones will be receiving SMS. The Cell Broadcasting will be the quickest way to reach those compatible devices
  • Mobile Application: to receive advanced warning content and to improve the accessibility
  • Integration with our Genasys Long Range Acoustic Devices: a great complement to the mobile based channels, to ensure that the population is warned even when the mobile devices are switched off
  • Integration of other communication channels compliant with the Common Alerting Protocol, CAP
  • Social Media, Massive Mail, Voice Calls, Whastapp

End to End Solution

Genasys NEWS covers the whole value chain of a Public Warning System, fulfilling all news of both Emergency Agencies and Telcos:

Highly Customizable and Flexible

NEWS can be totally adapted to the emergency management command and control hierarchy of any country, being able to integrate the different administrative levels and divisions, and to have different kind of users for the same level

Moreover, its internal structure allows to deploy any requirements regarding the escalation of emergencies

Easily Integrated in Current SW Deployments of Emergency Agencies

Genasys NEWS offer multiple ways to be integrated to the existing emergency software stack, in order to get the more efficient deployment, minimizing the time and effort need to define and execute emergency warning campaigns.

For more information please visit us our website and follow us in @GenasysEU and

Advanced Situational Awareness

Genasys NEWS makes the most of the different feedback obtained from the communication channels to, together to its broad experience in GIS and data analysis algorithms, offer key information to first responders, helping them in controlling any kind of situations. 

Fulfilling the new EECC Directive, Article 110

Genasys NEWS covers and exceeds all requirement in the Article 110 about Reverse 112, allowing a quick and efficient deployment to fulfill the EU requirements

last updated: July 2020