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Public safety and security organizations need to achieve and maintain high levels of service, while managing the expectations of citizens, the mandates of public officials and regulators, and the impacts of new forms of technology, including AI, social media and mobile communications. Public safety agencies need the right information at the right time to plan and deliver vital services. However, legacy technologies, shrinking budgets and staffing pressures, a lack of technical resources, and resistance to change create challenges for organizations.

The global leader in public safety and security solutions, Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division can help. By improving the quality, accuracy, and availability of critical information, our integrated solutions increase performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments and the staff that use them.

Global Leader – Hexagon has an extensive global reach, providing advantages to customers in terms of our domain knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices. We are the market leader in public safety and security and the only truly global supplier of these solutions.

Trusted Partner – Our solutions are trusted to meet the needs of mission-critical public safety operations for more than 2,500 agencies in over 30 countries. With 350+ installations around the world, Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division helps protect 1 in 9 people around the world.

Proven Innovator – We have pioneered public safety and security innovation for almost 35 years. We are responsive to the changing needs of safety and security operations.

Reliable, scalable, and interoperable, our solutions enhance capabilities, improve agility, mitigate risk, and reduce the total cost of ownership for enterprise systems. In the operations center or in the field, on-premises or in the cloud, at a workstation or through a mobile app, our solutions deliver greater situational awareness and better results.

Hexagon’s next-generation public safety product portfolio

Hexagon next-generation software portfolio HxGN OnCall offering flexible, out-of-the-box, capabilities in a browser.

The HxGN OnCall portfolio helps public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient through modernized capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility.

Deployed on-premises, customer-hosted, or Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud, HxGN OnCall helps organizations deploy these capabilities more easily anywhere across their ICT estate so they can make more informed decisions; easily connect devices, systems, and people; and harness next-generation technology to better meet future challenges. A redesigned User Experience provides streamlined workflows allowing agencies to deliver the right tools and information more easily, increasing flexibility, and adapting more quickly and easily to changing needs and technology.

Accessed via browsers and mobile apps, HxGN OnCall products are easily configurable, allowing agencies to adapt the software to their unique and changing needs.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch – Agile next-gen call-taking and computer-aided dispatch (CAD) capabilities that link callers, dispatchers, managers, and field officers for faster, more effective response. HxGN OnCall Dispatch can help your agency to improve multi-agency collaboration, support agile organizations and sustainable IT, deliver better service and return on investment, and promote reporting, transparency, and accountability.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor – Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and live data directly within the dispatch client, HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor provides real-time actionable insights during complex emergencies, from large, rapid-onset events to repeat offenses and linked incidents. It empowers decision-makers to intervene earlier and more effectively to improve outcomes, speed recovery, and reduce impacts on communities, levels of service, and personnel.

Part of the HxGN OnCall Dispatch product suite, Smart Advisor utilizes a set of autonomous, analytical software agents within HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Essentials, Advantage, Viewer, and Mobile Unit.

HxGN OnCall Analytics – A single source of organizational data featuring interactive reports and dashboards that all can use for evidence-based analysis and communications.

HxGN OnCall’s field mobility solutions – Task-focused apps that connect first responders with dispatch and records capabilities to ensure safe, efficient operations.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response – Web-based application for managing major incidents and events that integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for safe, effective action.

The HxGN OnCall portfolio is the perfect foundation for building safer, smarter cities. Learn more at

Hexagon’s next-gen PSIM solution

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian is a suite of tools that integrates data from alarms, sensors, IoT and intrusion devices, and video data to provide unprecedented situational awareness. This next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) solution is for monitoring, managing, and responding to real-time incidents.

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian can help integrate data from disparate systems to provide unprecedented situational awareness, reduce the lag time between threat identification and response, and to centralize and coordinate physical security operations across geographically dispersed organizations.

This solution goes beyond basic alarm monitoring and retroactive forensic response. It offers one common operating picture for continuous, real-time assessment across all events, applies broader and more robust detection methods, and integrates with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions for immediate response.

Hexagon’s brand-new cloud-based workspace for citywide and intraregional collaboration

HxGN Connect, a SaaS workspace for citywide and intraregional collaboration brings public safety, transportation, utilities and other related organizations together seamlessly to share data and coordinate action for ad-hoc, routine and emergency situations. While users can visualize people, places and activities, send messages and assign tasks to each other, all participants retain full ownership and control of their own data – nothing is stored in a central repository.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, HxGN Connect provides a networked workspace and unified view of information within and between different entities. This solution is easily implemented and scaled. Participants can actively collaborate and securely share data as events unfold, overcoming the technical and political barriers that often result in missed opportunities, conflicting actions, errors and delays.

Incident & Resource Management

Our incident management solutions coordinate critical information and resources and track developing situations in real time. Through immediate and complete information about events and units, our solutions help police agencies, fire and rescue services, and emergency medical services respond to and resolve incidents with speed and efficiency.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events, and manage resources, including multiple agencies and jurisdictions. Field personnel increase productivity through mobile applications and data, including access to pre-incident plans.

Our police, ambulance, and fire & rescue CAD supports agency-specific as well as cross-agency workflows and enables key capabilities.

Our police solution includes unit and personnel recommendations and records and criminal database queries.

Our ambulance and fire & rescue solutions include response plan creation, unit recommendations, incident perimeters, and hospital routing. Interfaces to station alerting, printing, and paging systems enable quicker turnout, while integration resource optimization systems streamline operations.

Whether in the communications center, the station, en route, or on scene, police, law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel can access actionable information whenever and wherever needed.

Intelligence-led Analytics & Reporting

Proactive law enforcement agencies apply data analytics to problem-solving for intelligence-led policing. Our police analytics software suite leverages computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and other data sources for evidence-based decisions that improve operational efficiency, optimize resources, and reduce crime.

Our business intelligence software helps agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of operational data and report the results for better resource planning and deployment. Our crime and incident analysis and mapping software enables agencies to visualize and analyze information for crime prevention, post-incident analysis, and more.

Hexagon’s recently launched virtual user assistance, HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor helps each role in the comms center see the unseen. Call-takers and dispatchers are expected to handle complex, unfolding emergencies at a rapid pace. The nonstop influx of data is nearly impossible to sift through and categorize manually. These challenges cause information gaps and can lead to an overburdened workforce missing crucial connections. Modern computer-aided dispatch tools, especially those leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, help personnel identify hard-to-spot, complex emergencies earlier and make connections between seemingly unrelated events. Hexagon’s Smart Advisor – the industry’s first assistive AI technology designed to work within dispatch software to help public safety agencies detect and respond to complex emergencies sooner. Assistive AI helps comms centers run smoother with timelier response and delivers a clearer picture of the situation for informed decision-making and a staff empowered to perform at a higher standard.

Hexagon’s tools for real-time and historic reporting and analysis help police increase intelligence, target problem areas, and improve public safety.

Resource Allocation & Planning

Fire and rescue services must meet response time standards and monitor and measure performance. Our fire service analytics software leverages computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and other data sources for better reporting, analysis, and evidence-based decision-making.

Our business intelligence software helps agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of incident and response data and report the results for resource allocation and growth planning. Our incident analysis and mapping software helps agencies visualize and analyze information for location intelligence. With tools for real-time and historic reporting and analysis, we help fire and rescue services identify trends and determine personnel, apparatus, and station needs.

Crisis Management & Emergency Operations

Natural disasters and large-scale public events create challenges far beyond the scope of day-to-day incidents. Our solutions provide emergency operations centers (EOCs) and multiple organizations with reliable information, clear and unambiguous communications, and tools to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, agencies can create special zones, implement predefined standard operating procedures, and operate additional control rooms, including remote or mobile command centers. With our major events and geospatial software, emergency operations centers, command staff, and multiple, diverse organizations can collaborate, sharing and accessing critical information during planning, response, and recovery.

last updated: June 2021