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Telespazio France

Telespazio France: contribution to the improvement of citizens’ safety and security

We are convinced that a simple link between Man and Space is essential to our life on Earth, because Space is a key technological and human enabler to protect the planet and its inhabitants. We have faith in Humankind and diversity, we believe in technology and skills development. We act on the basis of our founding values of Commitment, Innovation and Partnership.

Thanks to our historical legitimacy, our global expertise and our European dimension, we put the strength of two European Leaders and the agility of our human-sized structure at the service of our mission. Our ambition is to democratize the access to the space services of today and tomorrow, through an open logic of "Space On Demand". We bring together the skills and partnerships needed to provide the best solutions, in a market undergoing profound change.

Together with EENA and European Institutions, we support the development of innovative solutions for European citizens’ safety and security in close cooperation with actors from the whole operational chains:

  • Deployment of Advanced Mobile Location in Europe with EC HELP112 projects;
  • Development of a system for monitoring the health of workers, which includes an emergency communication functionality based on PEMEA standards, with EC H2020 WorkingAge project;
  • Galileo Emergency Warning Service proof of concept, with EC GRALLE project;
  • Galileo Emergency Warning Service consolidation and demonstrations, with EC STELLAR project;
  • SBAS-based alerting capability demonstration in Sub-Saharan Africa, during the SBAS ASECNA project;
  • SAR/Galileo Two Way Communication service prototype and demonstration, with the EC SERENITY project.

We also operate Cospas-Sarsat French Mission Control Centre, SAR/Galileo Service Centre and SAR/Galileo Service with CNES.

All of these efforts, all of these resources and all of these successes are enabling us to pursue our actions for the benefit of Europe’s and the world’s citizens, and helping to accomplish the noble mission of saving lives.

Telespazio France: general description

As a key player in space infrastructure operations for more than 30 years and with a staff today of more than 435 experts, Telespazio France supplies value-added satellite-based services and applications covering all of the key domains of space, from telecommunications and Earth observation to navigation.

Telespazio France is the French subsidiary of the Telespazio group, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%). Based in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Paris and French Guiana, Telespazio France delivers its expertise and services to the main European institutional and professional stakeholders.

Telespazio is part of the Space Alliance together with Thales Alenia Space. The complementary capabilities of Thales Alenia Space in satellite systems and Telespazio in the services associated with them provides the Space Alliance all the assets needed to respond positively and effectively to the needs of the market, which today are increasingly focused on applications related to space technologies.

Telespazio is organized around three centres of excellence:

  • Satellite Systems and Operations, in charge of operating our own space resources and systems, as well as those of our customers, and developing associated applications and solutions.
  • Space Telecommunications, offering a broad portfolio of connectivity solutions and services.
  • Geo-Information, delivering a unique range of radar and optical satellite imagery, and land- and ocean-monitoring products and services.

Today, more than ever, Telespazio France is a true innovator, transforming what were once just possibilities into real services available to an increasingly wide audience worldwide.

last updated: December 2022