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Transatel NTT

Transatel, an NTT company, is a leading global cellular connectivity solutions provider. Our mission is to securely connect everything and everyone, beyond borders.

As such, we operate 3 main business units:

  • Mobile Telephony services
    We are the leading MVNO Enabler in Europe, with over 120 Mobile Virtual Network Operators managed on our own full core network.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    We deliver global cellular data connectivity and solutions for industrial IoT, OEMs and telcos leveraging our direct connectivity agreements throughout 200+ territories and our regional infrastructure for a maximized performance.
  • Ubigi
    Ubigi, a Transatel brand, connects travellers, cars, and the workforce in the field and abroad using eSIM technology to connect phones, laptops, tablets, MiFis and vehicles.


Transatel, leading the Internet of Vehicles industry.

Transatel's Internet of Vehicles connectivity platform enables car OEMs to reduce integration costs and foster innovation while staying independent from mobile carriers.

From telematics to passenger and third-party applications, they can rely on our global 4G and 5G coverage and secure (e)SIM solution to deploy their connected services worldwide.


Our clients are no coincidence.

Today, Transatel global SIM cards and eSIM profiles securely connect millions of vehicles, industrial and consumer devices to public and private cellular networks across the world for clients such as Airbus, Worldline, BMW, Stellantis, and Jaguar Land Rover.


We are a global mobile operator

  • Licensed GSMA operator
  • ITU-issued global (901.37) and local MCC-MNCs
  • Fully-owned, globally distributed core network
  • Direct agreements with mobile carriers across 200+ territories
  • Private, public and satellite cellular access

Best-in-class service through carefully crafted assets:

  • Local or near to local costs, worldwide
  • In-house assets for unrivaled performance, capabilities, and reliability
  • Award-winning multi-operators service through embedded SIM application


Our “utmost connected” SIM card received the 2024 IoT Global Award in the R&D category. It offers automated managed connectivity to clients who need unparalleled worldwide cellular coverage. The service includes SIM cards that autonomously evaluate the actual data usability and switch to the best available data signal, and if needed, seamlessly transition between public and private 5G networks. Since H2 2024, this solution includes satellite-based networks thanks to Transatel’s partnerships with multiple non-terrestrial networks providers.


Let’s talk!

Our IoT experts are available across the globe to build together effective solutions that address the pain points only specialized players know how to solve, and bring innovations so you get an edge over your competitors.

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last updated: July 2024