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nWise is a leading global provider of technology for Telecom Relay Services and solutions that enable Emergency Services to receive calls from people who are Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing. The standard for receiving these calls is Real-Time Text, RTT, and Multimedia Communication Solutions that use Total Conversation.

Our vision is to enable communication for all - by giving access to tools and services needed for delivering accessible public services, emergency services, healthcare, businesses, and society at large.

We offer an end-to-end solution that can be integrated into the core network of Emergency Services, as well as provide connectivity with key external services such as interpreter services, telecom relay services, video relay services, emergency apps and other third-party apps for communication that use RTT and Total Conversation.

Our offerings for Emergency Services include:

  • Specialized apps for people who are Deaf, DeafBlind or Hard of Hearing
  • Caller location information
  • RTT Bridge, to integrate RTT to the core network
  • RTT Gateway, to enable Emergency Services to receive RTT calls

Detailed product information

RTT Bridge

MMX RTT Conference Bridge is a key element in the Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) to effectively connect RTT calls to a PSAP. It is developed to meet the NENA i3 standards and NG112 requirements.

  • Our conference bridge connects multiple parties that use Real-time Text (RTT) in a single call, allowing effective connection of RTT to PSAPs.
  • MMX RTT Conference Bridge is standardized according to NG112 and NENA i3 technical requirements. It conforms to the European Electronic Communication Code (EECC – EU Directive 2018/1072): Real-Time Text, Total Conversation and Relay Services.
  • SIP according to RFC 3261, T.140 according to RFC 4103, RTP-Mixer Formatting of Multi-Party Real-time Text according to RFC 9071.
  • SIP-aware bridge with support for several methods of connection: WEB RTC data channel, MSRP, SIP message.

RTT Gateway

MMX RTT Gateway enables Emergency Services and Public Service Access Points (PSAPs) to receive calls from applications that use RTT. It provides a robust, modular solution that dramatically increases effective communication with the hearing impaired. MMX RTT Gateway includes the following main features:

  • It integrates incoming RTT calls with the main voice queue.
  • It allocates a call-taker or agent that is available.
  • It direct calls from applications that use RTT to the Emergency Services, without a relay service interface.

last updated: December 2021