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Augmented Hearing

Revolutionizing Spoken Communication with Augmented Hearing

Augmented Hearing is a Danish audio startup enabling new standards for safe spoken communication. Our AI software modules remove noise and clarify speech in real-time during incoming 112 calls, securing a more efficient collection of critical informations. We draw on over 30 years of experience from the Danish hearing aid industry to secure maximum privacy, reliability, and effective AI deployment.

Driven by Passion for Clear Conversations in Challenging Situations

Our company is driven by passion to enable better and more effortless conversations in challenging situations. We see AI as a groundbreaking technological shift in audio processing, and Augmented Hearing's mission is to couple our deep audio experience with the latest capabilities in AI to facilitate clear and safe communication in situations where speech makes a crucial difference.

Introducing Sharpi: AI-Driven Audio Clarity

At the forefront of our offerings is Sharpi, an advanced AI-driven software module, which can be integrated with any soft phone or call taker platform. Acting as a virtual audio assistant, Sharpi analyzes the sound scene 100 times per second. Sharpi has learned to separate speech from noise in real-time scenarios, such as a mother calling 112 with a crying baby or calls from loud, chaotic night-life scene. With a simple button press, operators ca filter out distracting noise, focusing on the essential conversation. Sharpi's benefits include:

  • More efficient communication with fewer misunderstandings and reduced need for repetitions
  • Improved mental focus and health for operators in high-pressure roles, leading to clearer decision-making
  • Reduced stress levels, contributing to better employee retention
  • Sharpi ensures privacy and compliance with GDPR, operating on-npremises with 100% up-time, offline, and with zero external dependencies.

Sharpi's Unique DNA: Blending Technology with Deep Audio Expertise

Sharpi's distinctiveness lies in its blend of Digital Signal Processing, psychoacoustics knowledge, and a medical-grade approach to product quality and reliability. This synergy allows us to incorporate state-of-the-art AI capabilities into commercially available products, even under stringent hardware and software constraints.

last updated: January 2024