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LIS (Leitstellen-Informations- System GmbH)

Individual is our standard

LIS GmbH has been a partner of organisations of public & private safety for over 30 years.

With our LIS SP - ServicePlus - system, a broad, modular and consistent product range is available for all authorities, organisations and institutions with security tasks (fire brigade, ambulance service, private security).

The modular system consistently maps – beside alerting - many processes to administrate an organisation. Data entered in one module is immediately available to other products. Duplicate entries and the associated possible incorrect entries are avoided. Another aspect is the time saving.

A modular system means, to start with one product and having the security of being able to expand the system in all directions as requirements increase.

An excerpt from the product range:

  • CAD Dispatching
  • Disaster management
  • Interfaces to alerting, communication systems and to external systems (e.g. eCall, AML)
  • Operational documentation / accounting
  • Personnel management / roster tool
  • Management / maintenance of tools & devices with mobile devices
  • Daily journal - documentation of daily events and much more.

Our solutions for administration offer a multitude of interfaces to other PSAP systems, mobile data collection in emergency services as well as to various municipal systems, e.g. to transfer accounting data or personnel data.

We develop individual solutions based on the existing standard and thus offer a high degree of investment security

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last updated: December 2022