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CreaLog Software-Entwicklung und Beratung GmbH

Innovative, successful, customer-centric

CreaLog is a leading vendor of ICT carrier solutions and IMS cloud native service delivery platform solutions for communication service providers (CSP). With our concise expertise we help CSPs to implement new services and migrate their existing services to IMS and into the cloud.

These solutions include SIP application servers (SIP AS), net centric call recording, value-added services (voice, text messaging and mass calling), MRF, business voice VPN and others.

SIP AS: The main functions of the standards-based SIP application server are local number portability, enhanced call routing, conference bridge services, and unified messaging. It enhances IVR services with speech recognition and chat solutions.

We have been delivering innovative and reliable telecommunications solutions for almost 30 years and received multiple awards as a result. Customers in many countries in Europe and Africa trust our solutions. These include Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, A1 Telekom Austria, Sunrise, Swisscom, POST Telecom Luxembourg, Monaco Telecom and Unitel.

Next Generation Emergency Call Steering & Termination

CreaLog emergency call steering and routing significantly improves the accessibility of emergency call organizations and facilitates emergency call handling. The enabler is a routing system integrated into the CSP’s voice and IMS networks as well as ESINET and NG112.

Net-centric eCall Modem and Router

We enable telecommunication companies to meet the challenge of processing eCall emergency calls and their supplementary data in their respective mobile networks and routing them to the PSAPs according to EU specifications.

CreaLog’s’ net-centric eCall Modem and Router collects the MSD data, stores this data in the Location Information Service (LIS) and forwards the emergency call to the PSAP. This solution reduces complexity in the PSAP equipment and leads the path to NG112 in your country.

Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR)

Our net-centric Enterprise Communication Recording (ECR) service ensures compliancy when recording emergency communication. This highly secure net-centric Telco service is invoked on calls of any registered employee when using his or her business phone as part of his or her job, be it in the office, on the move or in home office. The recordings can either be stored for compliance reasons, or used for quality assurance.


last updated: December 2022