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Custom fit 112 software
When every second counts

CityGIS provides sophisticated GIS software for 112 centers and its connected vehicles, creating a large overall ´common operational picture´. CityGIS systems have it all,  from A to Z, from the incoming call at the Center to automatic navigation in vehicles, to transferring information, of the highest quality, designed for the mission critical 112 operations, and backed up by many years of experience. Every innovation we pursue is based on our mission statement: “To provide the best geographical coordination & information systems where every second counts.” The results of this ambition are found in our wide range of products. For example: web based GIS, back office systems, automatic address retrieval, database, GPS, 3D, camera integration, communication, navigation, mapping, disaster management, personal locators, covert operations, ePCR, and a new vehicle multipurpose hardware platform with remote management and maintenance. Our products can be placed across the whole spectrum of critical communication, for example:

  • CityGIS 8.0 powered by Orca is our latest version web based (HTML5) GIS and is designed for emergency centers and vehicles for dispatch. Within this dynamic and intuitive client the dispatcher can easily find needed information and share it with colleagues, with mobile systems in the vehicles or with other emergency centers. CityGIS 8 is designed to be easy to master and to get results fast without many actions. The systems’ modular structure makes it easy to connect to new technologies or sources of information. It’s built to evolve. This netcentric web based Geographical Information System architecture increases efficiency, cuts down costs and simplifies maintenance.
  • CityGIS Navigator is a multiplatform navigation that quickly and safely navigates the vehicles to an incident. Meanwhile all necessary information about the incident, about victims, the surroundings and other need-to-know information is shown and easy accessible. The software also provides a platform on which a clear and direct communication between vehicle and control room is made possible.
  •  CityGIS C&D (Calltaking and Dispatch) is a web based (HTML5) version of our central emergency room system. The core principles of this  development are efficient communication and an intuitive user interface, which can be deployed with the push of a button. The dispatched units will immediately receive all the needed information for a quick and effective operation.

Next to the described products we provide many more services over the whole scope of the critical network to make the work in the control rooms and on the streets more efficient and hence creating a better environment for the emergency services.

  • CityGIS electronic Patient Report Form (ePRF),  built in cooperation with our clients in the healthcare sector, enables paramedics and doctors to efficiently collect patient data that can be used to improve the level of patient care on the road and in the medical centers. The electronic Patient Report Form has been specially developed for the ambulance services. The touchscreen application enables paramedics to communicate with the control room, hospitals and billing systems. Due to the clear UI, ride and patient data can be registered and exchanged quickly. Ride and patient data are sent directly from the control room to the electronic Patient Report Form. Subsequently the paramedics are able to add extra information about the location or the patient. Once again, increasing efficiency of communication and saving valuable time.

last updated: July 2020