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Enghouse Networks

Enghouse Networks is a world-class telecommunications, technology, and solutions provider. We have a number of software applications to enable public safety and emergency communication services. Our focus is the enablement of digital transformation, ultimately building a connected global community.

Enghouse Networks is a division of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX:ENGH), a publicly traded Canadian software and services company established since 1984. Enghouse has 2000 employees and operates in 120 countries.

Among our comprehensive suite of solutions, we provide: 

  • Alert Broadcast Centre (ABC) – Wireless Emergency Alerting 
  • Vidyo: Remote Medical Consultation 
  • Network Servcie Assurance 
  • Emergency Call Routing 

Alert Broadcast Centre

Alert Broadcast Centre (ABC) is a flexible solution for wireless public alerting.  It supports the geo-targeted, mass distribution of emergency messages to mobile subscribers via multiple different channels (Cell Broadcast, SMS, Push Notifications, MMS, USSD).  It also supports all standard interfaces through which authorities may submit alerting campaigns (CAP, CMAS, WPAS) and can easily accommodate others. 

Depending on the architecture specified for a national alerting systems, Alert Broadcast Centre can be offered as a central solution to the national authority or to the operators of public wireless networks to help meet their statutory obligations in support of national and local alerting. 

Alert Broadcast Centre also supports the configuration and scheduling of commercial messaging campaigns that do not interfere with emergency alerting, which help operators to monetise their investment. 

The Alert Broadcast Centre solution comprises of multiple modules, some of which may or may not be required, depending on the type of system specified by a particular national regulator. 

NOTE: The majority of National Regulators specify public alerting systems based on Cell Broadcast. If SMS is specified, we include additional modules in the solution to support geo-targeting. 

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Vidyo: Emergency/Urgent Care

The emergency department (ED) is one of the most expensive and resource constrained settings in healthcare. Health systems are turning to virtual care strategies to help them expedite triage, improve ED throughput efficiencies, centralize resources, reduce LWBS (left without being seen) metrics, and minimize unnecessary readmissions.

For health systems considering transforming their delivery model to include emergency department virtual care, Enghouse VidyoConnect Healthcare and provide an integrated approach to triage, on-demand specialist access, peer-to-peer collaboration, care coordination, and case management.

VidyoConnect Healthcare can be easily integrated with the provider’s electronic health record (EHR) solution and workflows, browser and mobile-based patient portals, and existing scheduling tools. VidyoConnect Healthcare offers a unified user experience across mobile, desktop, and web platforms. This ability to connect from anywhere can enrich the patient provider experience with the addition of multi-participant capabilities, remotely operated pan-tilt-zoom cameras, medical exam cameras, and digital stethoscopes. VidyoConnect delivers the consistency, ease of use, and rich features that drive clinical adoption across the care continuum.

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Network Service Assurance

Network service interruption can have dire consequences for a mission critical emergency communications networks. The Enghouse Service Assurance suite optimizes network performance by providing situational awareness. Empower your network to pre-empt, act on, and resolve network issues. Based on a two-decade history of innovation, Enghouse delivers a cost-effective, feature-rich solution for Service Assurance applications in wireless, broadband, fixed, and converged networks.

The Enghouse Service Assurance Suite is vendor agnostic, interfacing with all element management systems and active equipment in the network, regardless of the manufacturer or technology. Adding coverage of servers, databases, applications and environmental parameters provides a true end-to-end management capability on one platform.

Supporting high-volume event processing with advanced, flexible filtering and correlation, the Enghouse Service Assurance suite enables network engineers to find and focus on network issues. This happens without examining thousands of low-level events to isolate trouble spots and determine root cause, thereby saving precious time and quickly resolving network outages.

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Emergency Call Routing

Most countries have a single number (such as 112 in Sweden) for emergency calls to the police, fire brigade and ambulance services. It is not only compulsory in many countries for operators to handle emergency calls from all types of users, including fixed and mobile phones, but for the emergency services to be fast and effective, different dedicated alarm centres are required to serve specific areas.

Enghouse Networks Emergency Call Routing (ECR) service application identifies the origin of emergency calls and handles the routing to the appropriate alarm centre. The operator can either send the correct routing number and information to the next carrier or route the call directly to the appropriate alarm centre.

Location information from the network can also be part of the emergency information to provide the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) with mobile positioning information.

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last updated: March 2024