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Beta 80 Group

Beta 80 Group, with over 30 years of experience in Public Safety, is a global leader and reference for PSAPs and other Emergency Management authorities worldwide.


With more than 102 PSAPs over disciplines like 112 Call taking, EMS, Fire, Police, 116117 and Coast Guard, we guarantee safety for more than 69 million citizens in 3 continents, with a 100% customer retention rate.

Beta 80 has become one of the few companies in Europe and beyond to be technologically independent in the public safety and emergency business. We can deliver an end-to-end project, worldwide, covering every aspect of a Contact Center / Control Room infrastructure.

Our portfolio now includes:


  • A lightweight multi-tenant SIP-PABX, with voice recording.
  • A SIP-based eCall modem, ready to manage NG-eCalls
  • All the core components of NG112 ESInet (ESRP, ECRF, LIS and Forest Guide)
  • Software-based SMS gateway, based on SMPP protocol.
  • Call geolocation
  • A RTT gateway, to allow PSAPs to receive native real time text communications from the citizens, fully compliant with commission delegated regulation (EU) 2023/444

Automatic call geolocation services

  • AML server, to receive and process AML messages
  • Network-based location server (cell-based location and landline call location)
  • Smartphone app for emergencies, capable of delivering geolocation and other metadata about the user, certified with PEMEA protocol
  • HTML-5 based service, that geolocates the caller through the smartphone’s browser and enables videocall, chat and file sharing.


  • Our jewel of the crown, Life 1st CAD. A web-based, multi-tenant, SOA-based platform, ready to manage processes coming from the traditional 112, Fire, Ambulance, Police, Coast Guard agencies, but also used in private security and other facilities.
  • Life 1st includes incident management functionalities, an intelligent dispatch engine, capable of defining response plans made of vehicle, crews, stations, and tools for the rescue.
  • Incident triage filter totally customizable and configurable to perform the right questions and reach the correct incident qualification.
  • Mobile CAD to be used on vehicles, for a tracking of dispatch operations, status advancement reporting, route navigation
  • Mobile application for first responders, used to alert volunteers and perform life-saving manoeuvres and map AED (defibrillators) nearby an incident.


  • Open-source lightweight GIS platform, compatible with the most used map formats, including ESRI shapefiles, Google maps, OSM and many more.
  • An intelligent routing algorithm to select the most appropriate resources for the dispatch.
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses, with a google-like search engine.

All our products are software-based, virtualised, and not requiring any special or proprietary hardware to be delivered. We provide 24/7 customer service worldwide and process consultancy, to optimize the capabilities of the customer to use the new installed Life 1st CAD at its best.

last updated: June 2024