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Beta 80 Group


Beta 80 Group, with its 30 years of activity in the Public Safety market, has become a global leading company and reference for PSAPs and other Emergency Management authorities.

We serve 100 PSAPs and Control Rooms covering 112 Call taking, EMS, Fire, 116117 non- emergency services and Coast Guard disciplines. Every day, our solutions protect 67 million citizens in 8 countries worldwide, with a 100% customer retention rate.

Beta 80 is leading the transition of Emergency Control Rooms into the next generation by empowering operators and agencies with the world’s most advanced tools and solutions for their daily operations in a simple, innovative way.

Our products and services include:

Life 1st CAD

The first all in one, high performance and scalable Computer Aided Dispatch solution for next generation PSAPs, a system which is revolutionizing the entire Control Room industry, integrating Social Media and other new IP-based communication media. A platform designed on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) with an innovative model of data collection and distribution, with Multi-tenancy capabilities and cloud-oriented. Life 1st CAD comes with an embedded GIS software, with mobile CAD applications and with a communication & radio integration layer.

Next Generation 112 / 911

Beta 80 is one of the first European companies approaching topics related to the upcoming new methods of emergency communications. We have developed a full range of components for the NG112/911 ESInet platform, based on the ETSI TS 103 479 standard and NENA i3 specifications, to deliver VoIP and multimedia communications to PSAPs.

Call geolocation services

Knowing the importance of call geolocation, Beta 80 has dedicated to developing all possible methods of geolocation tools currently available: eCall modem platform, smartphone apps for citizens compatible with PEMEA standard, AML server and HTML-5 based geolocation services are all part of our platform.

System Integration

Beta 80 has a proven track record as a system integrator and consultant in several European projects: a complex environment such as a PSAP requires several instruments to be combined and we have led projects with dozens of stakeholders to provide an all-in-one solution that covered every need of the customer.

last updated: May 2021