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Priority Dispatch

We pioneered giving medical instructions over the phone and have 150 patents to prove it. YOU are the reason we’ve never slowed down. Every emergency call is different, and it’s your job to make sure the right response is sent—every time. You’re responsible to maintain a high standard of service across your agency with every call.

How confident are you that any calltaker or emergency dispatcher in your centre can handle any type of call, at any time, with a high standard of care? With ProQA® , every emergency dispatcher, regardless of experience level, can consistently follow best known standards of care and practice—including providing potentially lifesaving instructions.

ProQA is the techology that powers the time proven protocols of the International Academies of Emergency DispatchTM (IAED® ). ProQA guides emergency dispatchers seamlessly through the process of gathering essential information and dispatching the right resources, while recording each keystroke. The data gathered also helps you understand what’s happening in your centre and continuously improve the level of service you provide your community.

last updated: November 2022