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Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch is the global leader in emergency dispatch protocol products, including software, training and services. Priority Dispatch has developed a comprehensive, systematic approach for triage systems for emergency call taking centers. The Priority Dispatch System® (PDS®) includes robust solutions for police, fire, medical and nurse triage call taking and is used in 46 countries and available in 22 languages. The PDS software solution, called ProQA®, is the most complete emergency call taking solution in the industry. ProQA software greatly simplifies the dispatching process and improves the quality management of the center. It has a customizable format that seamlessly integrates with CAD (computer-aided dispatch) and phone systems. The ProQA software leads the call taker through a structured interrogation sequence, displaying each question individually with specific answer choices, then prompts the call taker for a response and, based on input, assigns a patient condition code and recommends a response assignment. Prioritizing emergency responses helps avoid inappropriate response allocation and inappropriate use of lights-and-siren. In this way, the PDS not only saves money – it saves lives. 

Priority Dispatch is the exclusive world-wide proprietor of the MPDS (Medical Priority Dispatch System), PPDS (Police Priority Dispatch System), FPDS (Fire Priority Dispatch System), and ECNS (Emergency Communication Nurse System). These emergency dispatch protocol systems are licensed to emergency dispatch centers throughout the world. The content of the MPDS, PPDS, FPDS, and ECNS is developed, approved, and provided by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

IAED is the internationally-recognized, non-profit, standard-setting organization which promotes safe and effective emergency dispatch services worldwide. IAED has over 20 boards, councils, and special committees, including the Council of Standards, Board of Accreditation, Board of Curriculum, Council of Research, and Board of Certification. These boards and committees are chaired by and include the world’s foremost experts in medical, police, fire, and nurse dispatch. The MPDS, PPDS, FPDS, and ECNS are continuously examined, studied and updated to keep current, and changes are made based on continuing medical, police, and fire research, along with practical field experience and from feedback from thousands of emergency dispatch users the world over.

About Priority Dispatch:

• 46 Countries

• 22 Languages/Dialects

• Over 80,000,000 emergency calls taken in 2016 through our systems

• Over 71,000,000 population base covered by our emergency call systems

• Over 35 years of the emergency protocols being used

• Over 62,000 IAED Members

• Over 3,000 agencies

• Over 96,000 active medical, police, fire, and nurse dispatching IAED certifications

• Over 1,000 IAED certified instructors

• Over 60,000 subscribers to the IAED’s Journal of Emergency Dispatch, published in 9 languages

• First and only peer-reviewed journal of dispatch science – Annals of Emergency Dispatch & Response

• Over 15 years of the EMD Advancement Series – the longest-running and most trusted CDE series in the world

• Over 40 IAED protocol-based research studies published in peer-reviewed journals

last updated: July 2020