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NPI Brandenburg GmbH

The NPI Brandenburg GmbH was founded in April 2019. It is the result of almost 20 years of research, development, and teaching activities on the topic of location-based services, conducted within the Technical University of Brandenburg, the non-profit BürgerServiceNetz Association and the BSN BürgerServiceNetz UG. Since 2003, citizen-oriented applications such as BürgerKiosk, InfoDisplay, GesundheitsKiosk, WarnApp, NotrufPlus, and WarnControl have been developed.

The NPI Brandenburg GmbH participates in the development and introduction of new technologies in the fields of emergency calls, public alerting and warning systems. The pilot operation of the first major development in the emergency call sector, the NotrufPlus system, had been running since August 2017 in cooperation with the professional fire brigade of Brandenburg an der Havel. This enabled the demonstration, testing, and further advancement of functions and processes. With the introduction of the nationwide emergency call app system in September 2021, the pilot operation was successfully concluded.

A current expansion allows the rescue service to be directly involved by the control center and to communicate with the emergency callers via voice, video, or chat and, if necessary, with assistants (sign language interpreters, emergency doctors, and language interpreters). This results in a seamless rescue chain, from the emergency call location through the control center and rescue service to the hospital.

Using the components of NotrufPlus, eCallPlus was developed as an alternative to the current eCall system. This system enables emergency calls from occupants in distress or vehicles involved in accidents to be automatically or manually transmitted directly to a psap of the rescue service, fire brigade, and also the police. This includes the transmission of location data, vehicle data, and driver data as an emergency call record, as well as images from the accident site depending on the situation. The manual emergency call is also directly forwarded to the responsible psap or by the TPS-eCall service providers without any media disruption.

The latest development, the resilient system KatKomm for public warning, controlling sirens, and supporting disaster management, was created as a result of the german nationwide warning day in 2020 and is based on the results of the applications developed up to that point. It is an innovative communication, information, and alert system that facilitates an autonomous disaster radio network, independent of cellular and internet connectivity.

The founders and managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Michel Naumann and Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Manuel Eckert continue to work closely with the Technical University of Brandenburg and other cooperating companies and are scientifically advised by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wikarski and Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Nitze.

The NPI Brandenburg GmbH develops, based on secured protective rights, a method for emergency call support for deaf people and a solution for emergency calls in European-wide roaming-cases.

We warmly invite cooperation partners to join us.


last updated: December 2023