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CENTRO ESPAÑOL DE SERVICIOS TELEMATICOS S.A (CESTEL) is a full service manufacturer of ICCS - Integrated Communication Control System (radio & telephony), Recording Systems, Mobility Applications and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for 112 Centers. These systems are empowered by our own advanced technology in voice biometry, AWM and NLASR and transcription features.

CESTEL is also a leader provider for eCall Systems and video interpretation service for deaf people (112 SVISUAL) allowing this collective to make and receive video calls to everyone including 112 Centers.  

CESTEL has also developed ‘DIFE’ (advanced interaction service for emergency centers). DIFE is integrated with Deveryware-Ghale routing PEMEA system according to demanded services (multi language). Through DIFE, PSAPs can send useful information (environmental alerts, traffic restrictions, missing people alerts, etc.) to the configurable multiplatform APP and, at the same time, allows each citizen to send anonymized information back to PSAPs during the call (position, disabilities, age, gender, attention language preferred, allergies, blood type, etc.) something extremely valuable in emergency calls.

CESTEL’s vision is to be a leader in mission critical customers, through the development of powerful interactive communication solutions to help institutions increase service and reduce operating costs. CESTEL has accomplished this through a talented and experienced staff, focused on exceeding customers’ expectations for delivery, quality and professionalism. Furthermore, every application is developed using the latest proven technology or one that is developed within CESTEL’s own hardware and software Research & Development labs. 

CESTEL belongs to the CESTEL GROUP as well as NATURAL VOX (, SYSCOM ( and DTEC (, experts from these companies will join Cestel’s tasks on this projects.

last updated: November 2021