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InnoSeven Technologies

JSC Innoseven technologies provides a wide range of services related to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Call/Contact centers starting from feasibility studies, design and the technical solution implementation of the centers, organizational matters of such centers backing it up with the preparation of detailed technical, functional requirements and specifications and further support.

Innoseven technologies has deep experience in design of organizational processes, regulatory and legislative environment of PSAPs, interoperability of emergency handling agencies and is providing consulting services to PSAP organizations for implementation of the quality standards and processes based on best practices of the emergency handling field, EENA and ISO 9001 standards. Innoseven technologies is an active member of the EENA organization gaining up-to-date knowledge and experience from the conferences, official publications and discussions with other members, partners and PSAP organizations.

Specialists of Innoseven technologies have gained huge experience in building IT solutions for Call/ Contact and Emergency Response Centers (PSAPs) during long years in this industry from 2001. Specialists of Innoseven technologies have been managing project implementations, providing technical designs and work projects, installing and configuring various related equipment, software components and solutions, performing administrator and end-user trainings, performing solution testing and acceptance. Deep experience has been gained for the specification, design and implementation of various integration interfaces with other emergency and non-emergency agencies.

During the projects in Lithuania specialists of Innoseven technologies have gained huge experience in implementation of recent PSAP related services such as eCall services, AML, caller location based on Timing Advance and Round Trip Time methods and others. Innoseven technologies is providing support and maintenance of the implemented systems in 24x7x365 mode with high SLA commitment (less than 4 hours back-to-service).

We are sales and service partners for Siemens SBT, Unify and Retia. Nevertheless our experience and knowledge is not related to the respective solutions only and Innoseven technologies is capable in providing services for a wide variety of different solutions from different vendors.

last updated: July 2020