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Opencode Systems


With close to 25 years of experience in building telecommunications solutions worldwide, Opencode Systems is the leading Public Warning Systems (PWS) provider developing Cell Broadcast Center, Cell Broadcast Entity, Alert Exchanger, Location Based SMS-based (SMS-LB) and other wireless emergency solutions. Our patented technology, has been deployed in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, the Pacific, and the Caribbean.

Opencode wireless alerting solutions provide Governments worldwide with Public Warning Mass Broadcast over all generation mobile networks. In a matter of a few seconds, critical safety information is broadcast to millions of mobile users within a targeted location or even an entire country.

While Opencode Public Warning Systems can fit any deployment topology, Opencode has created the first centralized Cell Broadcast Center that provides full control over the entire Wireless Broadcast process to the hands of the Government. This first of a kind Wireless Public Warning deployment has been delivered in a mid-sized European country and has since set the standard for countries with a population of up to 50 million. To date, Opencode is the largest provider of centralized Wireless Public Warning Systems that have helped Governments reduce dramatically spending, organizational efforts and deployment schedule.

Opencode alerting solutions support various broadcast channels such as:

  • Radio
  • TV / IPTV
  • Social Networks
  • Public and Road Signage
  • Sirens
  • Satellites

The public warning alerts are managed via a rich and intuitive user interface. This interface includes interactive online and offline country (GIS) geo-maps that allow users to visually define, broadcast and manage alerts. It is also the administration point for different agencies, service provider users and networks. The interface comes with superior security, restriction and validation functions allowing usage to remain simple and protected from breaches and unwanted behavior.

Opencode Systems has delivered telecommunications solutions in 70 countries generating value to many telecommunication service providers and Governments.

With a worldwide staff of 160 engineers, Opencode Systems is a government independent and debt-free private company. While partnering with System Integrators in many countries, our main offices remain in Bulgaria, France, Malaysia, and Tunisia.

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last updated: November 2023