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NetDesign is one of Denmark's largest IT consulting firms, with more than 30 years of experience.

The last 12 years, NetDesign has been part of TDC Erhverv, so we have a lot of experience to draw on. At the same time, we have one of the industry's most modern delivery organizations, which ensures high quality in the end-to-end solutions and Managed Services we deliver to our customers. NetDesign is experts in helping companies with their business-critical IT systems

Our vision is to take an active part in digitization in Denmark. We want to be your trusted advisor - a partner you can trust. Digitization affects all industries and creates opportunities for innovation and efficiency. NetDesign's solutions give you optimal collaboration opportunities and state-of-the-art customer management based on a modern and secure network. These are key factors in a highly competitive environment. Our solutions are the basis for your company's development and affect your employees' and customers' everyday life every minute.

With our many highly specialized technical experts and our skilled business consultants, we have the knowledge to offer our customers the best advice and sparring on the market regarding the latest technologies and how they can create value for our customers' businesses.

NetDesign are known for our great technological and business insight and understanding, which means that we can deliver high quality in the services we provide, which give our customers optimal opportunities to get the most out of their network, IT security, communication and collaboration, and contact center solutions.

We take responsibility and understand the importance of IT working – always.

last updated: April 2023