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eurofunk KAPPACHER GmbH

eurofunk is one of the largest system specialists for the planning, setup and operation of command centers and emergency call centers in the field of public safety as well as industry and transport. Our customers benefit from our holistic overview, comprehensive product portfolio and expertise in solutions. With our technologies and holistic system solutions our partners are optimally equipped to fulfil their professional safety remit. Alongside the best possible operational reliability, increases in quality and efficiency have utmost priority.

With this unique cluster of competencies, eurofunk is your 360° solutions company for all matters concerning command center technology.

As a forward-looking family-run company, we are a reliable partner with a team of over 500 specialists focused on providing you with a comprehensive and top-quality service.

The needs of our customers as well as our drive to develop modern technologies for sustainable use motivate us to shape the safety of tomorrow together with you.

So you can understand how we work:

  • 360° Solutions: We are not a conventional system integrator. On the contrary, we create a fully integrated operation center solution for you.
  • 360° Products: We are also not a pure manufacturer of singular products sold by third parties. All our products of our most comprehensive portfolio of specialized operation center products fit into an integrated suite.
  • 360° Service: We are not an anonymous call center operator, where you feel your requests are lost in the service operations in search of competent support between the “interfaces”. Furthermore, we offer you a unique and personal service, throughout the entire lifecycle of your custom solution

eurofunk solutions and product portfolio in detail

Command & Control

The correct and reliable information, at the right time, combined with experience, professional competence and thorough preparation are the success factors that make up an efficient and high-quality operations management.

Our solution is designed as an open Operation Center ECO system that collects, processes and enriches the countless amounts of information from a wide variety of communication and information sources, in order to make it available to all mobile and central agents in the form of an information hub. All current and future communication and alert channels can be embedded in a flexible and service-oriented manner into the overall system.


Secure communication for an operation center is like the human central nervous systemCountless amounts of voice and data communication content must be collected, processed, stored and re-routed to a wide variety of information recipients via a network.

In our fully digitalized world, we only talk in the strictest sense of IP-based data (with communication content), which we merge in our Unified Communications Cloud and store in a revision-proof manner. The real-time availability of all communication channels in a location-independent and networked system, guarantees the high-availability architecture as well as the integrated free-seating principle.

Our solutions allow you to embed a wide variety of current and future communication media in our solutions in a flexible and distributed manner. In the traditional sense, this ranges from emergency call processing (112), business telephony (VoIP/ISDN), analogue and digital radio or public address and intercom systems to video telephony, new social media or messenger services.

Multimedia Solutions

The intelligent and comprehensive provision and distribution of video, image and sound information from various sources is key, especially in an operation center is an important factor.

To provide this, we will be happy to plan multimedia collaboration systems for your operation center – e.g. video walls, video management software or similar – which optimally support the sharing of information, regardless of whether they use internet streams, video images, TV or software applications. Using state-of-the-art management software, the dynamic layout on media walls can be individually designed, and video camera images from a wide variety of sources can be displayed there or at the individual workstation.

At eurofunk, however, we understand multimedia solutions to be much more than that. For our customers, we integrate and design all types of acoustic and building management systems, such as station alarms (incl. surveillance display solutions such as eurofunk Mission Information Display) or building bus systems, seamlessly and IP-based into our high-availability solutions, in order to operate them automatically via touchscreen or in the operational process sequence.

Control room design

For us, the operation center room, the integrated design and especially the embedding of the control center table play an essential role in operating a control center. That‘s why we are happy to advise and plan the optimum control center room with you according to your needs and equip it with the most state-of-the-art operation center equipment.

Focusing on workplace ergonomics we designed our new eDESK product family. It is a perfect combination of simple, elegant design and intuitive handling. True to the motto "design meets technology", individual components have been united to create a complete mission control system with a balance of virtual and actual workplaces. The consistent implementation of the "clear desk" principle has helped us free the space of unnecessary distractions, thereby reducing psychological stress and increasing concentration levels.

IT solutions

The availability requirements for mission-critical operation center solutions require state-of-the-art IT platforms and data center architectures, in order to be “online” at all times. Network concepts, virtualization architectures, cluster technologies, load balancers, databases, monitoring, deployment and analysis tools, IT security tools as well as redundancy mechanisms from the modern IT world must be consistently designed in perfect union with the operation center applications and services and made available as an All-in-One solution, in order to master and manage the complexity.

As a competent partner, eurofunk is ISO:27001 certified and we will be pleased to provide you with your operation center IT solution.


eurofunk 360° Service in detail

Our 24/7 service concept based on the ITIL framework offers you a contact person for your concerns around the clock. A professional service desk with technical support from experts, who provide all three levels of support in one place, is on call to ensure that you and your technical interface problems are not left high and dry with different suppliers.

With our comprehensive field service, we ensure that we can provide you with immediate on-site support in addition to our remote access technology.

Our Customer Care Center is the central dialogue and feedback partner for you, who, together with Customer Consulting, will advise you on your solution and all your future challenges and opportunities.

last updated: December 2022