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VESOS Solutions Ltd.

VESOS Solutions Ltd, established by four industry experts Andy Rooke, Danny Woolard, Andy Graham, and Alan Gentle, offers project consultancy, design services and solutions designed to improve road safety and response times based around eCall technology and services

eCall is now mandated on most vehicle types in Europe and is being adopted by many other countries globally. It has the potential to save lives by providing connectivity, both voice and data, to emergency services and hence road operators in the event of a vehicle incident or a vehicle occupant pressing the SOS button. It can dramatically reduce response times for stopped vehicle detection too. However, there are challenges to maximising the benefits of eCall.

  • Ensuring validity of eCall alert and categorising alert type, e.g., airbag deployment
  • Enhancing location accuracy
  • Filtering false alarms and identifying rogue data

Our team has been working together in eCall for over three years, proving its value in incident generation, traffic management, and historical data insights. Individually, we go back over 20 years in eCall standards and implementation, connected vehicles, telematics, and traffic operations.

We offer:

  • eCall project support and thought leadership
  • Business case and statistical analysis
  • Solutions development

Following our early projects, we developed our award winning TeCall© concept. This can provide high quality incident data to support traffic operations by harvesting eCall/SOS alerts, qualifying their validity, enhancing the data, prioritising, and augmenting vehicle information to make it meaningful for road operations and emergency response teams.

eCall is a valuable source of incident detection that augments other infrastructure-based detections systems. VESOS has the skills and experience to help you define the benefit and deliver the solution rapidly.

last updated: December 2023