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Enghouse Transportation Public Safety – Locus Solutions

Your Trusted Partner in Emergency Response

Enghouse Transportation is committed to innovation in public safety. Together, we are on a mission to enhance emergency response capabilities and make the world a safer place.

Locus Solutions, a division of Enghouse Systems, specializes in developing critical IT solutions for emergency vehicles, rescue services, and security companies.

Locus has extensive experience in the development, delivery, and maintenance of control room solutions and mobile devices for the emergency services.

We create robust, highly scalable, and technologically advanced software solutions:

  • LocusMobile for task management in the field, facilitates effective communication between emergency service centers and field units. It's essential for fire brigades, ambulance services, and emergency doctors, providing real-time assignment information, detailed incident descriptions, and comprehensive resource overviews.
  • LocusEmergency control room solutions for the emergency call centres 110, 112, and 113 offers a robust platform for emergency services centers, streamlining the reception, recording, and management of calls and alarms. It features decision support tools, fleet management, and integration with external systems, ensuring efficient incident handling.
  • LocusCare for on-call emergency doctors and response centres for welfare technology, is designed for on-call emergency doctors and welfare technology response centers, offering a map and assignment management system integrated with decision support. It improves the registration, management, and prioritization of incidents, ensuring effective care delivery.
  • Telehealth Solutions with Video Conferencing built for healthcare, offer secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing integrated with EHR and medical devices, tailored to enhance patient care across various healthcare departments with flexible deployment options.

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last updated: June 2024