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Locus Solutions

When time is of the essence, the emergency services are dependent on clear communication and accurate information. That is why they choose software solutions developed by Locus Solutions.

Since 1991, Locus Solutions AS, a company in the Enghouse Group, has developed business-critical IT solutions for emergency vehicles, rescue services and security companies. We know that when an accident strikes, time is a scarce resource. That is why we develop technology that empowers emergency responders to make the right decisions at the right time.

Together, we are on a mission to save lives.

Utilizing Safety-Critical Data

During emergencies, we believe that clear communication is the key to a safe outcome.

Emergency dispatchers, who initially assess the situation, are forced to make crucial decisions regarding the urgency of the call, which symptoms require which type of medical help, and where to send the emergency services. These decisions can separate life from death.

With a reliable and high-quality solution from Locus, emergency dispatchers are able to make better decisions faster by utilizing our safety-critical data. Our job is to gather the relevant data, analyze the information and predict future patterns. The results are yours to act upon.

  • LocusEmergency:

LocusEmergency is a reliable and comprehensive system designed for receiving, registering and handling all types of enquiries and alarms to the emergency services. By combining information from multiple sources, we are able to provide a clear and complete overview of the emergency situation.

This information empowers the dispatchers to make the best decisions in difficult situations.

  • LocusMobile:

LocusMobile is a mobile application that emergency services can benefit from in the field. This solution handles navigations and receives mission-critical information for emergency services, such as fire brigades and ambulance services.

With our solution, the information is continuously updated, meaning that you always have the most accurate and detailed overview of the situation.

Scalable technology for tomorrow’s challenges

We believe that accurate information is our best weapon when we are working against the clock. That is why we create robust, highly scalable and technologically advanced software solutions that can seamlessly manage emergency responses – both those of today and those of tomorrow.

Your safety is our biggest concern.

last updated: December 2022