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Where is your emergency?”

Worldwide and annually, tens of thousands of lives are lost when Responders are unable to locate a mobile caller accurately or promptly. Current emergency location methodologies cannot provide a verifiable, dispatchable, civic location for a mobile caller, and this impedes the response efficiency and effectiveness. ELi Technology located in Halifax, Canada, is dedicated to resolving inaccurate location information.

The patented “Emergency Mobile Location” (EML) methodology, is the world’s first and only location methodology. Using existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, it provides 2 pieces of localization information; GPS coordinates and a dispatchable address, also including indoor location data. It is technologically neutral, was engineered with “privacy be design” in mind and as such is GDPR friendly.

EML provides:

  •  Accurate, real-time, indoor, rural, and urban location information
  • A verified, dispatchable civic address, including floor and apartment number
  • GPS, latitude, and longitude
  • Depending upon handset capability, a vertical reference is available.

To assist in EML’s ongoing development and testing, we are building a partnership with Kista Science City/ Urban ICT Arena in Stockholm Sweden. Called the Kista112 Development Centre, it is the world’s first open end-to-end IP development centre and testbed. With Kista112, we have a platform which allows us to conduct rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing of our methodology, including its benefits and outcomes. Kista 112 welcomes innovators and emergency services industry participants to join our initiative. The purpose is to collaborate, build and test new services to improve ESN systems globally. If you would like to know more about EML or our testbed in Kista please contact us.

last updated: July 2020