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“For a First Responder to help you, they first have to find you.”

With the accelerated growth in technology, digitization, and automation around the globe the Emergency Number Network needs to keep evolving.

Today over 80% of all emergency calls emanate from a mobile device, and this figure will continue to rise. But still in 2022, knowing the location of that 911/112/999 mobile caller presents a huge challenge. Accurate verifiable dispatchable location, or a physical “door to knock on” during an emergency event, is not available, contrary to what many in our industry would have you believe.

Each year, tens of thousands of lives are lost globally when Responders cannot locate a mobile caller accurately or promptly. All current emergency location methodologies being used today do not provide a verifiable dispatchable address, and this impedes the efficiency and effectiveness of our service.

The goal for our Emergency Number Network is a “dispatchable location” which translates location data into a specific street address, floor, and room number of an emergency caller. All this whilst being interoperable, cost efficient and compliant with a country’s privacy/security regulations, laws, and existing infrastructures.

Dispatchable location/address is the industry “gold standard” since no responder likes guessing if they need to kick down a door to save a stroke victim or arriving 30 mins too late when someone is having a heart attack….

Today, there is a methodology which offers the final piece to the location accuracy puzzle. It has been thoroughly real-world tested to ensure operational capacity across different networks, existing telecommunication infrastructures and handset manufacturers, with outstanding accuracy results…

We are ELi Technology, and our location methodology is "Emergency Mobile Location (EML)". EML uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, to offer two pieces of crucial localization information:

  • GPS coordinates


  • the complete dispatchable address, from a trusted authoritative source, including indoor and vertical location data

EML encompasses the life-saving location information the Emergency Number Network needs, without compromising any of the crucial data privacy, security, or sovereignty concerns by providing:

  • Cell tower, GPS Lat, Long, Altitude
  • Street & Building number
  • Vertical location as floor level
  • Indoor location with room/ apt #
  • Full Dispatchable location
  • Approx. ~5m accuracy

The accurate location element provided by EML allows for Next Generation call routing and additional Next Generation ESN Services plus VoIP, social media, and accessibility for persons with impairments and disabilities.

ELi Technology, through EML, wants to help the Emergency Number Network save more lives with better mobile localization.

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last updated: November 2022