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Where is the emergency? Where are you located? What is your address?

Over 80% of emergency calls come from a mobile device, and one factor in particular remains a key issue for Emergency Service personnel, PSAPs, Operators and Regulators alike…” Accurate mobile location information”.

Each year, tens of thousands of lives are lost globally when Responders are unable to locate a mobile caller accurately or promptly. All current emergency location methodologies still do not provide a verifiable civic address (a door to knock on) for a mobile caller, and this impedes the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.

The goal for our Emergency Number Network is a “dispatchable address” which translates location data into a specific street address, floor, and room number of an emergency caller. All this whilst being interoperable, cost efficient and compliant with a country’s privacy/security regulations, laws, and existing infrastructures.

And today, there is a methodology that offers the final piece to the location accuracy puzzle known as “dispatchable address”.

It has been thoroughly real-world tested to ensure operation across different networks, existing telecommunication infrastructures and handset manufacturers, with outstanding accuracy results…

We are ELi Technology, and our location methodology is called “Emergency Mobile Location (EML).

 “Emergency Mobile Location” (EML) uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, to offer two pieces of crucial localization information:

  1. GPS coordinates AND
  2. a fully dispatchable address, including the vital indoor location data.

EML encompasses the life-saving location information the Emergency Number Network needs, without compromising any of the crucial data privacy, security, or sovereignty concerns.

EML provides:

  • Accurate, real-time, indoor, rural, and urban location information
  • A verified, dispatchable civic address, including floor, apartment or room number
  • GPS, latitude, and longitude
  • Depending upon handset capability, a vertical reference.

ELi Technology, through EML, wants to help the Emergency Number Network save more lives with better mobile localization.

If you would like to discover how EML could impact your service, business, industry, or association, please email: or, or contact us through our website:

last updated: June 2021