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Over 80% of emergency calls are from a mobile device, with 60% originating from an indoor location, and one factor remains the most critical to solve …receiving the exact verified dispatchable address of the emergency mobile caller.

A dispatchable address is the street name and building number, plus indoor descriptors including floor, room, apartment, or office number. Currently, no location technology or service provides this level of detail reliably or accurately.

Today’s location technologies use combinations of crowd-sourced Wi-Fi, GPS, cell towers, and handset data including the z-axis to provide estimated location search areas. These technologies offer low location visibility for indoor calls, and inaccurate or unusable vertical location, which can lower 112 service efficiency and effectiveness, and means lives continue to be lost every year when people are not found in time.

As 112 moves towards “Next Generation Services”, and becoming compliant with EECC directive 2018/1972, Article 109, for caller location and universal access, “location data” needs to adapt. Emergency mobile caller locations must be compatible, interoperable, accurate, and efficient. The data should be secure, useable, immediate, private, and actionable.

ELi Technology EML (Emergency Mobile Location) is a unique location methodology. EML is “bolt-on” and requires no additional hardware or infrastructure. Considered to be an upgrade to current location technologies, EML supports both a legacy system and an IP-based network, and when a 112 call is made, the dispatchable location information arrives at the PSAP as the call is answered. EML provides accurate indoor and vertical locations as verified dispatchable addresses for existing and NG112 services and will ensure EECC compliance is achieved.

ELi Technology is also excited to announce that EML is also being implemented within the Corporate Enterprise, Private Network, and Education Industries, by supporting safety application software that relies on location for efficient and effective service. EML provides the location information to “ATLS”, or Active Threat Location Service, an innovative, patented location and mapping service that seamlessly and easily integrates into any school safety platform or application. It offers something no other location service or technology can; verified dispatchable location displayed on an indoor map.

ATLS requires no additional infrastructure and is highly cost-efficient. ATLS will now support safer, more productive environments for students, teachers, and employees, and provide responding personnel with the most precise and accurate location intelligence for any incident. Whether it’s a full-scale evacuation or a minor medical emergency, ATLS enables any safety solution to work “better”.

If you would like more information on either EML or the ATLS service, please contact ELi Technology.


last updated: November 2023