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Helmut Wittmann Consulting

Helmut Wittmann Consulting entirely focuses on the support of emergency services organizations and public authorities to execute their strategies for command control centre solutions and for crisis and disaster management. Due to the founder’s unique competencies and experience, the emergency communications requirements between citizens and emergency services organizations, like emergency number (112/110/911…) implementations and emerging emergency communication channels, build a key component in the service portfolio.

The ever-accelerating development of innovative technologies such as broadband mobile networks and smart phones, coupled with the implementation of EU regulations, directives and delegated acts, calls for the continued development of emergency management systems by authorities, agencies and emergency services organizations. To make matters even more challenging, social change as an overarching issue impacts the interface and the collaboration between citizens and the public authorities.

Helmut Wittmann Consulting offers emergency service organizations and authorities superior public safety consulting services that covers the lifecycle from the early knowledge of new technologies and regulations to the final project implementation in the operational environment - end-to-end.

Needs assessment to determine improvement gaps and to foster project and program decisions:

  • Customer needs assessment and analysis, as-is analysis
  • Conducting surveys, preliminary studies, and high-level concepts
  • Market and technology analysis
  • Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

Requirements management to ensure conformity with legal, technology, and process requirements:

  • Customer / system requirement collection and evaluation
  • Preparation of requirements specifications and system specifications
  • Execution of cost / benefit analysis and feasibility studies
  • Vendor and technology selection support

Implementation and rollout support services to reduce risk of implementation:

  • Project management and controlling
  • Feature and vendor coordination
  • Migration and rollout concepts
  • Test management including regression and conformance testing

Communications and reflection to evaluate the operational impact and gain further insights into the improvement potential:

  • User survey and impact assessment
  • Identification of improvement potentials
  • Preparation and execution of publications and presentations (decision support, training, conferences)

last updated: November 2021