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GINA Software s.r.o.

GINA Software is a technology company developing and providing a public safety and security management system called GINA. The company was established in 2010 and since then has become a specialist in provision of AVL systems and field response applications used by Public Safety Agencies and Law Enforcement Organizations. Our AVL is tailored to be used by both small organizations as well as large enterprises in need of monitoring and coordination of their staff and assets.

The goal of the company is to improve the efficiency of both daily and large-scale operations using technology to minimize the damages and to prevent casualties.

The ultimate tool for reaching this goal is an interactive map providing constant real-time visibility of all units from variety of sources including radios, smartphones, GSM or satellite trackers, UaVs and sensors combined in a single interface with advanced features such as history of movement, data visualization, automatic reporting, video surveillance and data analysis.

In addition to that, GINA has developed an in-vehicle public safety field response application featuring incident information, navigation, live data feeds, video streaming and field informational support.

GINA Tablet is a field response smart application designed in cooperation with first responders. Thanks to direct integration to local PSAP systems, GINA Tablet seamlessly communicates with operation centres and provides commanders with decision support tools including real-time updates. GINA Tablet is used during all phases of an incident response. Thanks to a built-in emergency navigation GINA Tablet navigates the first responders en route to the scene, provides live data feeds, video streaming and information support directly on scene and serves for reporting and evidence collection after the response. In combination with GINA Central all data captured during the incident can be used for further evaluation and educative purposes.

GINA Central is a modern tactical AVL software providing real-time information designed for management and coordination of emergency vehicles and first responders. GINA Central serves as a unified collaborative platform connecting various technologies such as radios, GSM and satellite trackers, smart applications, UaVs and sensors into one interface.  GINA Central is complementary to primary PSAP systems and thanks to its tactical features GINA Central is an ideal tool for management of search and rescue missions, large scale incidents or during disaster relief operations.

GINA GO is a personal safety assistance mobile application designed for law enforcement officers or humanitarians operating in challenging environment available for iOS and Android mobile phones. GINA GO features movement tracking, emergency button with automatically recorded audio message increasing personal safety and allowing to send real-time data directly from field thanks to custom forms and questionnaires. GINA GO supports geo-fencing features ensuring that field staff avoids potentially dangerous areas and facilitates encrypted communication between the field staff and dispatchers. The app is designed for broadband networks and supports offline mode for proper work in areas with poor signal coverage.

GINA System offers:

  • Vehicle and staff monitoring
  • Field response
  • Coordination
  • Security Management
  • Incident Management
  • Data collection and Reporting
  • Early warning system
  • Video Surveillance

With key features such as:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-fencing
  • Collaborative mapping
  • Points of interest
  • Information support
  • Navigation to scene
  • Task planning
  • Live streaming
  • Reporting
  • Data analysis

GINA System is a unique field response solution ready to be integrated with any local PSAP system to extend the operations to the field level. We save lives through technology.

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last updated: November 2021