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GINA Software s.r.o.

GINA Software, established in 2010, specializes in developing and providing advanced public safety and security management systems including CAD and Tactical AVL systems but also apps for emergency response. Our solutions cater to a wide range of clients, from small organizations to large enterprises, ensuring effective monitoring, coordination, and protection of staff and assets. 

Our primary goal is to enhance operational efficiency, both in daily tasks and emergency situations, using cutting-edge technology to minimize damage and prevent casualties, committed to saving lives through technology.

Tactical AVL 

Our Tactical AVL is an advanced digital mapping system, enhancing situational awareness by seamlessly integrating real-time data from diverse sources such as radios, smartphones, GSM, satellite trackers, UAVs, and sensors, to provide comprehensive visibility of all units in the field. It offers advanced features such as history of movement, data visualization, automatic reporting, video surveillance, and data analysis.

Smart CAD 

GINA's Smart CAD is a powerful incident management tool streamlining call-taking, dispatching, and coordinating field staff and supervisors. It features vehicle and staff monitoring, advanced incident management, and data collection, allowing for rapid response with minimal training required.


GINA offers a suite of applications designed for public safety field response, featuring incident information, emergency navigation, live data feeds, video streaming, and field-specific information support.

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last updated: November 2023