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Heartrunner Sweden was established in its current form in 2016. The company was founded by researchers, resuscitation experts and techies with a strong belief in the power of volunteers.

When a cardiac arrest occur, time is crucial. For every minute without cardiopulmonary resuscitation – CPR, the chance of survival decreases by 10%. Every year an estimated 350 000 are killed by cardiac arrest in Europe, and many of them could be avoided with early CPR and use of AED.

Ambulance might be far away but is closer than you think.

We are proud to provide the Heartrunner system, a reliable supply-and-demand system that recruit volunteer lifesavers nearby a cardiac arrest. Our system is tried and tested in operation since 2014 with over 25 000 alerts on suspected cardiac arrest issued.

We have proven that volunteers can be a valuable complement to ambulance and other resources in the first critical minutes of a cardiac arrest. Citizen responders download our app and can be alerted if they are nearby the victim to perform CPR and use an AED to increase the chance of survival.

In analysis we see that volunteer citizen responders arrive before ambulance in up to 46% of the cases.

By 1st of May 2020 Denmark became the first European country to be entirely covered by a single system for alerting citizen responders in the TrygFonden Hjerteløber project which use the Heartrunner platform.

The Heartrunner system is currently active in Sweden and Denmark with over 160 000 users ready to save lives and we are now ready to move engage more countries in our mission to increase survival in cardiac arrest.

The Heartrunner system can be incorporated with any CAD software and alerts are sent through an API to our MissionServer. This is a hassle-free solution and have not seen any bottlenecks in number of alerts handled or number of volunteers in the system. Our MissionServer is redundant and built on Microsoft Azure servers and our apps are currently available for iOS and Android platforms.

It is easy to configure the Heartrunner system if your region wants to let anyone who have CPR skills to be able to download the app from Appstore/Google play and join, as in Sweden and Denmark. Or if you only want to distribute the app to a select number of specified individuals within your organization depending on needs and regulations.

We can easily incorporate data from a national or regional AED network in the alerts to citizen responders to further increase the effect on survival by showing nearby available AEDs. We can also assist your region in establishing a national or regional AED registry if this is not in place already.

The Heartrunner system is developed in a research environment and we currently support research at Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics and the University of Copenhagen. True to our heritage we can help you with research and evaluation of the effect of citizen responders and volunteer lifesavers in your region.

We can also provide a real-time feedback to the region regarding number of volunteers and their actions in an alert and you can quickly see the benefit in terms of increasing rate of bystander CPR and AED use.

The benefit of citizen responders is clear and international research has proven an increase in survival. This is reflected in the 2020 ILCOR CoSTR that strongly recommend installing a system like Heartrunner.

In a randomized controlled trial from Stockholm, Sweden the bystander CPR rate was increased by 32 % with volunteer heartrunners first on scene.  

In Copenhagen, a threefold increase of bystander defibrillation over 12 months was shown in OHCA cases where volunteer heartrunners arrived before the ambulance. Read the story here.

Our app can be available as a “white label” solution, to be branded in compliance with regional or national concepts. So, a local government or NGO can put their logos and themes on to our platform and be the information carrier like TrygFonden in Denmark that has launched our platform under their own name.

To make sure that your region makes the most use of the power of volunteers let us help CPR trained citizen responders and public available AEDs come to use and save lives.

last updated: July 2020