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SS8 Networks

Delivering Location Intelligence to Help Maximize Lives Saved
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As a leader in Lawful and Location Intelligence, SS8 helps make societies safer. Our location intelligence solutions enable emergency services to gain:

  • Accuracy: SS8 offers the highest audited network location accuracy worldwide
  • Reliability: our reliable network-based solution can further leverage device location technologies such as AML to generate the most accurate location, every time
  • Speed: SS8's solutions deliver device location in real time
  • Coverage: we locate all types of mobile phones everywhere, including roamers
  • Visibility: our platforms include a comprehensive location audit capability

Supporting emergency services worldwide

Accurate and timely location information can mean the difference between life and death, but delivering it can be a challenge. Technologies based on cell towers can only locate subscribers to within several kilometres, while device-based techniques lack consistency due to bad weather, poor signals, or user disablement.

SS8 is a global leader in mobile network location intelligence for Emergency Services, delivering consistent, measurable, and auditable results with the highest accuracy worldwide.

Our SS8’s LocationWise solution provides real-time and historical location intelligence without relying on the device, but can also leverage the device location technology (e.g. GPS) to provide the most accurate location data. We support Emergency Services by offering:

  • The most accurate caller location available – from the network or the device
  • Public Warning Systems – Cell Broadcast and Traceable Disaster Alerts
  • Track & Trace Solutions – to monitor and control pandemics

Standards-based 2G to 5G GMLC and SMLC solutions with the highest location accuracy

LocationWise is a location-based services platform that encompasses the Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC), Serving Mobile Location Center (SMLC) and Bulk (Passive) nodes for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Our platform is a standards-based software solution that extracts data from the network and uses highly precise, patented algorithms to locate all mobile devices with significantly improved accuracy.

LocationWise supports NG-112 (Europe), NG-911 (USA, Americas) and M/493 emergency response architectures. The solution also supports 4G IMS networks with LRF/RDF nodes required to handle emergency calls on LTE networks (VoLTE), as well as VoNR (Voice over New Radio) to enable 5G emergency call location.

LocationWise can be provided as a standard cell-id only accuracy GMLC, or a high accuracy SMLC/E-SMLC/SAS with optional support for control plane A-GPS and SS8’s proprietary Accuracy+ network-based location solution.

About SS8

As a leader in Lawful and Location Intelligence, SS8 helps make societies safer. Our commitment is to extract, analyze, and visualize the critical intelligence that gives law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and emergency services the real-time insights that save lives. By providing high performance, flexible and future-proof solutions, we enable mobile network operators achieve regulatory compliance with minimum disruption, time and cost.

Intellego® XT monitoring and data analytics portfolio is optimized for Law Enforcement Agencies to capture, analyze, and visualize complex data sets for real-time investigative intelligence.

LocationWise delivers the highest audited network location accuracy worldwide, providing active and passive location intelligence for emergency services, law enforcement and mobile network operators.

Xcipio® mediation platform meets the demands of lawful intercept in any network type and provides the ability to transcode (convert) between lawful intercept handover versions and standard families.

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last updated: December 2022