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Beijing GS Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Global Safety Technology Co., Ltd (also known as GSAFETY, stock code 300523) is a high-tech enterprise sole spin-off from Tsinghua University, which is the only achievement conversion company of the Public Safety Research Institute of Tsinghua University. In July 2016, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

GSAFETY is an international public safety products and service provider, focusing on government and emergency management departments, large enterprises to provide the monitoring platform system, emergency equipment, product sales and technical services for Fire Safety, Industry Safety, Emergency Management, City Safety Operation Monitoring, etc. Also providing the services for Early warning information release, Wisdom air-defence, Environmental safety, Campus safety, Social security and Safety culture. Providing top-level design, construction and operation service for urban public safety.

GSAFETY is committed to the progress and industrialization of public safety technology. In terms of key technology systems and equipment of public safety emergency system and urban safety, it has a complete independent intellectual property and a series of core technology, making over 500 software copyrights and patents, being rewarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

GSAFETY started to export key technologies in the field of emergency response to overseas in 2011, and established a subsidiary Beijing GS Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013 to focus on overseas business areas. Meanwhile Beijing GS Technology Co., Ltd. has been providing solutions and platform in more than 30 countries such as Latin America (Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominic Rep., Trinidad and Tobago, etc.), Africa (Angola, Algeria, etc.), Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Philippines, Macao of PRC, etc.) and has been providing a series of technical services covering expert consultation, top-level design, customized technology R&D and construction, system integration and deployment, technical support and expert training, etc. These projects significantly improved the local public safety situation and eco-nomic and social prospect.

Key technical solutionComputer Aided Command and Control SystemGS-CACCS

We have been engaged in Computer Aided Command and Control System (hereinafter referred to as “CACCS”) for more than 15 years. We deployed National CACCS for Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Angola, Philippines, etc., significantly improving the responsiveness and performance of local emergency forces. After years of development, we build the whole life-time GS-CACCS product which can be easily deployed and smoothly upgraded.

GS-CACCS adopts component-based business units, coupled with flexible deployment features in different police scenarios. With basic functions of unified call-taking, visual command and dispatch, and intelligent decision support, GS-CACCS also integrates disaster response modules to handle major emergent events in a holistic manner, and supports fusion communication, multi-dimensional data analysis, situation awareness and analysis. This highly reliable, easy-to-use system can achieve high availability under extreme circumstances. Moreover, we always believe the services play the critical role for the customer. Based on the industrial best practice, we can provide professional tailor-made operation maintenance service, technical support service and systematic training solutions, furtherly ensuring smooth operation and system continuity.

Successful Case Introduction: ECU911 Project in Ecuador

In 2011, GSAFETY undertook the software development and technical integration design of the ECU911 project in Ecuador, helping Ecuador build 16 command centers at the national, regional, and local levels nationwide. The ECU911 system integrates professional resources from multiple departments and more than 87% of the response time can be controlled within 3 minutes, and more than half of the resources can reach the incident scene within 10 minutes.

The completion and operation of the ECU911 system has significantly improved the efficiency of emergency response and public safety in Ecuador. Since the establishment of various centers in 2012, the total number of police calls in Ecuador has increased at a rate of more than 10% per year, indicating that public awareness of the ECU911 system in Ecuador is gradually increasing. According to the statistical data in July 2016, the number of malicious crimes handled by ECU911 centers decreased by 23% compared to the same period in 2015. And Ecuador’s 2019 Global Peace Index was raised to the 3rd in Latin America after the system deployment.

last updated: December 2022