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mecom – Global benchmark for alerting systems

Floods, power outages, fires or other hazards: In exceptional situations, the ability to alert the population quickly and easily is of crucial importance. We ensure that people in Germany receive timely alerts via all relevant channels.

Commissioned by the Federal Republic of Germany, we designed a complex alerting system, which we have been operating and developing further for more than 20 years. This technical alerting infrastructure is unique and ensures that people in Germany receive alerts via all relevant channels at all times.

We transmit alerts through the following alerting channels and devices, among others:

  • TV, radio, online
  • Alerting apps
  • Cell Broadcast
  • Digital city billboards
  • Passenger information systems
  • Sirens
  • Further alert multipliers, such as news agencies, organisations, public authorities and companies, that disseminate alerts to their customers and users

Everything from a single source: We support our customers from the word go

We are experts for the transmission of sensitive data and the provision of fail-safe communication channels. With decades of experience, we design, develop and operate technical infrastructures for our customers and partners.

No two projects are the same. Consequently, we work holistically and create solutions for our customers’ individual requirements. We ensure fail-safe communication channels and develop technologically and logistically coherent solutions tailored to specific needs.

We not only work for public authorities and news agencies, but for media outlets and companies as well. Providing comprehensive services including consulting and project development as well as practical implementation and maintenance, we stand by our customers’ sides from the word go, consistently in accordance with the highest standards and criteria of IT baseline protection in Germany.

mecom’s alerting system: A pioneer in the fail-safe transmission of alerts in Germany

We are Germany’s pioneer in the fail-safe transmission of alerts and one of the leading players in the field of safety-critical communication.

With our data centres redundant 24/7/365, our latest-generation server infrastructures and state-of-the-art networks, we ensure an extremely high degree of fail-safety. Our customer service is available 24/7.

For high security transmission and reception of safety-critical information, we use mecom’s proprietary sat-uplinks (ground stations) with secured frequencies. Operating our own satellite network, we use several redundant antennae and high-frequency systems to ensure that messages always reach their recipients.

Leading the way is in our DNA

We have always had our eye on the future and on finding solutions for the technical challenges of tomorrow. We were the first in Germany to develop the business areas of alerts and the secure transmission of messages.

In 1989 several German news agencies joined forces with the aim of transmitting their news and images to their customers via satellite, quickly and simultaneously. Consequently, they founded mecom, which has been transmitting news agency content to the media and other recipients ever since.

To this day, we guarantee the fail-safe transmission of information in the editorial news business. This is how we safeguard reporting on TV, on the radio and in newspapers.

Be it news agencies, security authorities or companies – our technical infrastructure, which is unique in Germany, enables us to send information to the right recipients in a matter of seconds and in a tamper-proof manner.

mecom – a joint venture of European news agencies

mecom Medien Communications-Gesellschaft was founded in 1989 by several news agencies.

Today, mecom is still jointly owned by the news agencies German Press Agency (dpa), Agence France-Presse (AFP), Gemeinschaftswerk der Evangelischen Publizistik (GEP), Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA) and dpa-AFX Wirtschaftsnachrichten. The German Press Agency (dpa) group is mecom’s majority shareholder. As a result, we enjoy an exceptionally good reputation with the media, authorities and in the business world.

last updated: January 2024