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Alcatel Lucent enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has an extensive emergency services experience and expertise, offering advanced Digital Public Safety Solutions to key players such as fire brigades, police brigades, 112 and PSAP service providers across the world.

Communication and collaboration for emergency centers:

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers an open and reliable communication and call routing solution (99,9%) for emergency and public safety services that answers their requirements in terms of services and legal requirements.

Rainbow, the cloud-based solution, provides a fully integrated multimedia collaboration solution as part of an end-to-end network solution. Integrated in a PSAP solution, Rainbow CPaaS brings voice, chat, video and desk sharing, and enhances communication and collaboration between staff and first responders, coordinating activities and automating the creation of collaboration rooms for a swift answer.

Network and IoT connectivity

The public network is critical for a smart and safe city. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise converged, digital age network solution provides a resilient LAN, WLAN for high-density public Wi-Fi based on WiFi4EU compliant Wi-Fi 6 and BLE infrastructure. It enables IoT devices automatic provisioning in secure network containers and connects the city and its citizens to emergency control centers for better operational efficiency.

Notification and awareness

Increase responsiveness to enhance everyday safety, notify the right people at the right time in the right place, provide the right instructions in case of emergency, inform citizens. The ALE Emergency Notification solution, connected to a PSAP and combined with an alerts workflow engine based on the ALE Rainbow workflow and location-based services or asset tracking, help improve reactivity and ensure a swift and safe conclusion.

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We are ALE. Our mission is to make everything connect to create the customized technology experiences customers need. From enterprises and public safety organizations to the cloud or in combination, we deliver networking and communications that work for your people, processes and customers. An essential provider of enterprise networking, communications and services to over 830,000 customers worldwide.

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last updated: July 2020