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Esri, the global leader in GIS (Geographic Information Systems), is leading the way in emergency communications with unprecedented investments in research and development on next generation 112 capabilities PSAPs. Our platform enables intelligent collaboration, operational awareness and cutting-edge capabilities. GIS webmaps consume and manage sensor data, IP intelligence and the IoT (Internet of Things). PSAPs use Esri to improve CAD and RMS solutions, manage address data and transform digital capatilities. We support your efforts with geospatial tools to create service districts, maintain data, analyze information and visualize your mission-critical work in real time. Collect and observe information in the field or collaborate from the command center. We understand 3D and have been solving z-axis challenges for years, including developing tools that assist in creating 3D building exteriors, 3D indoor floorplans with egress/access routing capabilities and 3D landscapes. Esri is a proven organization with offices throughout the world that has been doing GIS for more than 50 years. A proven technology that brings clarity to location data. The ArcGIS platform offers a stable environment for designing and managing solutions with configurable, “out of the box” capabilities and a growing library of free templates and tools.


last updated: December 2020