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We are engineering consultants specialised in communication and information systems as well as in telecommunication and mobile communication systems.

We are management consultants specialised in organisation and corporate development together with process optimisation and project management.

For complex critical infrastructure including public safety we are one of the few competence centres in Austria and Central Europe. Our range of services includes engineering consulting for electrical engineering, services in information technology as well as management consulting including business organisation.

We are an efficient team with extensive experience and high-level academic qualification. Profound and experienced understanding builds the basis of our expert opinions, analyses and studies, planning and implementation projects.

We are likeable, empathic, focussed and persistent. We stand for consulting for fact- based sustainable and economic implementations. We stand for engineering services with well understood conceptual and theoretical fundament.

We count small enterprises as well as large companies, governmental bodies, national and international service providers and private and public network operators for energy, telecommunications and mobile networks to our customers.

Innovation in technology and methodology is one of our core competences. We are actively taking part in innovation and research activities. We have close contact with the Universities of Technology in Vienna and in Graz at national level and participate internationally in projects in the COST-Framework (European Cooperation on Scientific and Technical Research).

From our office based in Mödling, just south of Vienna, we have been managing our national and international projects since our foundation in 1995.

last updated: June 2020