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IHM A/S is a Danish provider of intelligent solutions for emergency calls since 1982. Our solution for emergency control rooms and radio communication covers almost 80 % of the Danish market. For the Scandinavian market we provide OEM solutions primarily.

Our state-of-the-art solutions manage and streamlines mission critical operations at alarm centres and control rooms. Our systems are certified for SINE, RAKEL and Nødnett security systems at the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian market.

The IHM AMS platform manages critical alarm tasks and resources automatically, providing a full picture of the incidents, whether it is a fire alarm or technical alarm.

The system automatically calls out the right, and sufficient, crew and equipment, based on risk-based dimensioning. Simple controls give the on-duty officer a clear picture of the accident, enabling staff to focus quickly and effectively on organizing and coordinating operations at the incident site.

The system also ensures automatic registration and archiving of incidents to meet requirements for documentation and statistics.

Your emergency operation center handle:

  • Receipt of emergency response and automatic fire alarms via the alarm network
  • Automatic or manual crew call-out  
  • Pagers and/or TETRA terminals with call-out
  • Automatic, intelligent call-out, optimising call-out based on risk-based dimensioning
  • Automatic logging of calls
  • Two-way communication with groups, and one-to-one communication
  • Service agreement with 24/7/365 support

IHM CAD and IHM GIS can be added to the solution, including the following functions:

  • Status registration (TETRA)
  • Visual summary of resources – crew and equipment (TETRA)
  • Visual summary of the geographical position of alarms
  • Compatibility with TETRA, coordination of operations with ambulances and police
  • Video surveillance
  • Redundancy (backup) with double server and duplicated system with reciprocal updating

IHM offers a range of solutions, both large and small, and all can be scaled up or down according to your specific requirements. Our solutions include IHM Communications Centre, (Integrated Control room System, ICS), IHM CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), and IHM AMS (Alarm Monitoring Software).

The following functions can be added to the standard solution for fire and rescue:

  • Anti-theft alarms
  • Emergency calls, for example to domiciliary care services
  • Personal attack alarms, for example for traffic wardens
  • Lift alarms
  • Technical alarms, AIA (installations and pumps)
  • Call-outs via LTE pager (IHM PAM)

last updated: December 2022