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ITA Group Bulgaria

ITA Engineering Limited, the first company of ITA Group Bulgaria, was established in 1990 as a pure low voltage designer company, but quickly after that started developing into one of the leading system integrators in Eastern Europe with its headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2020 the company celebrated its 30th anniversary on the international IT/Telecom system integration market. Today the group consists of 9 companies, that are a 100% privately owned, debt-free and politically independent. ITA provides its customers with turnkey IT/Telecom expertise, where a selection of best of breed hardware and software products assure the delivery of a fully optimised, operational, user-friendly and price competitive solutions where no compromise on quality and reliability is made. The group has its subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany and Austria.

As one of the most trusted experts, ITA has proven its qualitative performance in numerous projects related to early warning and emergency handling solutions, smart city solutions, intelligent transportation systems, solutions for the underground railways, digital mobile communications, mobile networks deployment, digital mobile communications etc.  Undoubtedly, we work to provide reliable communication to our customers.

Our company is mainly focused on tailor-made, customer-oriented, vendor agnostic solutions empowering and improving everyday operations, preventing incidents and reducing the impact of disasters on the employees and the society and above all technology that saves lives.

Our expertise, wide product and solutions portfolio can be of benefit to any type of governmental or non-governmental organization, across any industry to successfully digitally transform and move to the next level while following the best practices.

Our focus and partnership with EENA strives to provide solutions for early warning and emergency prevention. Our company has been designing, delivering, deploying and maintaining one of the largest centralized early warning systems in Eastern Europe – The Nationwide Early Warning System of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is in operation since 2008. The system comprises of two sub-systems:

A centralized fully digital siren early warning system, that have a control center network structure, including main- and sub-control centers, integrated into complex civil defense and disaster prevention network architecture. The digital electronic sirens used in the system are qualified to meet the requirements of effective and reliable public warning and notification. We provide the necessary infrastructure for controlling and monitoring a TETRA radio-based siren system. The siren warning system, which since 2008 is in operation and control by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria, currently covers 35 % of the population in 11 regional cities and the 30 km zone around the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Kozloduy, Bulgaria. Currently the system is ongoing expansion and modernization with another 109 centers, in order to cover 50 % of the population of the country.

The second sub-system that is also going through a full modernization in 2023 and is a part of the NSEW comprises of a series of Digital Alarm and Communication Servers in all of the 28 regional cities of the Republic of Bulgaria. Given that in emergency situations, it is vital to act fast and that most of the time, people react irrational, hasty and take improper actions in stressful situations, the system implements an automatic alarm system that monitors and steers predefined processes.

The Digital Alarm and Communication Server is an alarm server system that notifies, informs and mobilizes employees, governmental and non-governmental officials and others in emergency situations. Via text-to-voice announcements, text and multimedia messages, telephone conferences, group calls, and many other functions, the DAKS is the main communication channel in emergency situations.

Our company has also designed and implemented the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) for the Emergency calls number 112 in Bulgaria, providing a 24/7/365 SLA for the system for Emergency calls number 112, the Bulgarian Nationwide Tolling System, Sofia Underground and other critical and non-critical public and private infrastructure projects.

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last updated: April 2023