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Intrado is an innovative, cloud-based, global technology partner to clients around the world. The company’s Life & Safety division is a leading provider of emergency communications technology solutions for traditional phone companies, wireless carriers, satellite and cable operators, VoIP providers, and public safety and government agencies. Backed by over 40 years of world-class network engineering focused on the needs of public safety, Intrado manages the entire emergency response continuum through data management, reliable networks and a deep understanding of public and personal safety emergency response protocols. 

Intrado connects people to protection and security by enabling organizations or agencies to locate, route, transport and deliver emergency communications to help save lives. We develop, implement and support all aspects of emergency communications network and solutions, facilitating more than 420 million emergency transactions each year. 

The communications industry has exploded with new technologies such as IP, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), text messaging, cloud computing, M2M communications and more. Intrado continues to evolve, leading the industry by providing users of both traditional and emerging technology with high-quality, reliable access to emergency assistance. 

Intrado improves emergency response through data accuracy, pinpoint location identification and highly available, highly reliable network

The ability to accurately determine the precise location of a mobile device within a network is critical to emergency response operations. With continued emphasis on providing emergency personnel with the most accurate information needed to respond efficiently and effectively in emergency situations, Intrado is committed to continually enhancing and improving the location data we deliver.

Our sophisticated technologies for location services, IoT and VoLTE help enterprises of all sizes meet regulations and provide a better class-of-service to their subscribers and end-users. Wireless carriers, VoIP service providers, telematics operators, cable MSOs, alarm companies and satellite phone providers depend on Intrado for location determination and routing services to meet emergency communications requirements.

Intrado provides a comprehensive hosted platform that seamlessly integrates current handset and network-based mobile location technologies; our location determination services automatically apply precise locating methods to deliver the most accurate results available.

Intrado delivers location information to Public Safety Answering Points to determine the exact location of emergency wireless phone calls and deliver multimedia call capabilities, allowing text, images and video to be sent from those in need of emergency assistance. It is our mission to ensure that every piece of technology works seamlessly with each other, so that every request for help can be delivered from the sender to the emergency call taker, providing the highest level of location determination accuracy in the market and the most up-to-date emergency call routing capabilities.

Intrado’s systems and services touch millions of lives every day. We take that responsibility seriously.

last updated: December 2022