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Satways Ltd. is a privately held organization founded in May 2006, based in Athens, Greece with offices in Patras and Larissa and presence in Germany (Astrial GmbH).

The company’s main activity is the development of integrated Geospatial Command and Control solutions for Security, Public Safety and Defense organizations.

Satways product line includes C2 and C3I enterprise software packages that respond to different operational requirements of our customers such as Geospatial Data management, Operational Resources Tracking, Call Taking, Incident Management and Dispatch, Physical Security Information Management and Natural & Technological Hazards Crisis Management.  Our software solutions can be installed in fixed and deployable command centers and can also be accessed in the field via mobile data terminals. Their common goal is to provide effective decision support, to simplify operations, to provide a Common Operational Picture (COP), Situation Awareness and collaboration tools across organizations, to collect and disseminate data in the field and to coordinate response units and system users.

One of the main advantages of Satways’ solutions is the modular architecture that permits easy customization to meet exact user requirements, adding capabilities to deployed solutions by adding additional modules and everything is available through a single end user application.

Our flagship product suite called ENGAGE is offered in different editions namely 112, CAD, CSIM, BME for 112 Call Centers, Public Safety Computer Aided Dispatch, Converged Security Information Management and Border Monitoring respectively.  Regardless of the edition, ENGAGE follows a unique approach towards a unified management of security and safety incidents tackling the complete lifecycle of incident capture, response, resolution and recovery. As an Integrated Call Taking, Alarms Management, Incident Management, Computer Aided Dispatch and Resource Tracking System its purpose is to provide shared situational awareness, ensuring coordination in response actions, and empowering every actor in the operational chain with the necessary information.

Satways products are already used in 24x7 operational environments in the frame of several large-scale commercial projects of European, National and Regional scale.

last updated: February 2024